When Reliability Matters; BCDC Review

Article from: REDARC Electronics

Ethan and Ebony are the faces behind 4x4au, and life on the road has been completely changed with the addition of a REDARC dc-dc charger. Here’s how.

Powering a passion

We are your ordinary travellers with a massive drive to share the likes of camping, adventures, cooking, tips, tricks and everything to do with the outdoors. Our drive began from our own sense of adventure and wanting to share our beautiful country.

With this strong drive, 4x4au was born. What is 4x4auʼs aim? What is 4x4au might you ask? 4x4au first started off as a community collaboration on Instagram sharing the wonders of the off-road world.

Since becoming popular, we decided to take our passion to the next step involving our own personal experiences, tips, tricks, camping and everything in between to our audience. Our aim is to create a high standard, industry leading content that inspires and motivates people to travel throughout our beautiful country.

The Vehicle and Setup

Reliability and longevity are two extremely important things in our check off-list when we are either preparing for a solo trip or even doing our fortnightly maintenance. Making sure your products will last in the most remote and rugged terrains should be a must regardless if you’re heading away for a weekend or for two weeks to the most northern or southern reaches of our beautiful country.

In our 2011 Holden Colorado, for us, a dual battery system is a must in order to keep our equipment charged as content creators, in which the REDARC BCDC1225D served us to the highest standard.

About the BCDC

REDARC’s BCDC1225D is a multi-stage in vehicle auxiliary DC-DC battery charger with an impressive MPPT in-built solar regulator. This charger features smart technology with built-in isolation, simultaneous DC and Solar charging and suits a range of battery types and a range of 12V/24V applications.

The BCDC is a state-of-the-art product to charge and maintain your vehicles auxiliary batteries. In our own words, the slimline design and the versatility of being able to mount it anywhere makes this unit very easy to place and install. Our REDARC BCDC1225D is tucked away neatly behind our rear seats which makes it easy to check and is in the most convenient, easy to reach spot for us.

The heart of our setup being a 120A/H AGM battery, the BCDC keeps up to the highest standard managing to keep our second battery charged and maintained so we have full control on and off the beaten tracks, at camp and on the road.

With these incredible features, you can sit by the fire, create content and know your REDARC BCDC has total control and is taking care of everything.

Would we recommend

The question that is asked by most through our socials is would we recommend the REDARC BCDC1225D to everybody they meet on and off the beaten track? We would more than recommend it, having a good dual battery system is one thing, but having the peace of mind knowing your REDARC product is taking care of your needs wherever you go is a winner in our books. We won’t ever turn back now that we are powered by REDARC.

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