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At Club 4X4 Insurance, we’ve designed our comprehensive camper trailer insurance to explore off-the-beaten-track and adventure with you, on-road, and off. Learn more about our cover below or start a quote today.

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We are insurance you can trust and have built our reputation on honesty and compassion to make your insurance experience as easy as possible.

Accidental Damage

Under our comprehensive insurance policy, your camper trailer will be covered for accidental damage caused by you, or someone else.

Legal Liability

Our comprehensive camper trailer insurance includes up to $20 Million Legal Liability Cover as a standard inclusion with all policies.


Loss or damage to your camper trailer as a result of theft, malicious damage or vandalism is covered by our comprehensive camper trailer insurance policy.

You Discover. We Cover.


There’s nothing quite like a camper trailer adventure, so here’s why we’d love to support your next one

Cover Anywhere

Explore in your camper trailer with confidence with insurance that goes anywhere you can legally go in Australia.

Cover For Modifications

Whether it’s a custom build, or some upgrades, we can cover modifications to your camper trailer as a separate agreed value.

Faultless Excess

If you have an accident that is completely the fault of a third party, and you can provide the required details, we’ll waive your excess payment.

Annexe Cover

We include $2,000 of Annexe Cover as standard for the annexe attached to your camper trailer, with larger amounts of cover available.

Breakdown Towing

We won’t leave your camper trailer stranded if your tow vehicle breaks down, with up to $750 of towing automatically included to get your camper trailer to safety

New Trailer Replacement

All Club 4X4 policies offer new replacements for vehicles that are less than 24-months old following a total loss claim by the first registered owner


Essential Repairs

We will reimburse you up to $1,000 for the cost of emergency repairs to get your camper trailer back to a roadworthy and safe condition after a covered incident, so that you can continue your adventure as planned.

Additional Benefits

Our policies feature several additional benefits as standard inclusions

Returning Your Camper Trailer

When your camper trailer is being repaired as a result of an event covered by this insurance, and it's over 100km from your usual place of residence, we will pay up to $2,500 for either:

The reasonable cost of travel to collect your camper trailer OR

The delivery of your camper trailer to you after the repairs have been completed.

Debris Cover

If we have agreed to pay a claim following loss or damage to your camper trailer following an insured event, we will pay the reasonable costs to:

Remove and dispose of the damaged camper trailer AND

Its contents, up to a maximum value of $3,000.

Alternative Accommodation

In the event of a loss or damage to your camper trailer, if you are more than 100km from your usual place of residence, and your camper trailer becomes unlivable, we will cover alternative accommodation up to:

$150 per day up to a maximum of $2,500 per period of insurance.

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Cover Available By State

Embark on your outback adventure without worries. Comprehensive camper trailer insurance in NSW ensures protection against unexpected mishaps on your journey. From the Blue Mountains to the beaches of Byron Bay, safeguard your travel companion and explore with peace of mind.

Discover Victoria's stunning landscapes worry-free. Comprehensive camper trailer insurance in Victoria secures your travels through the Great Ocean Road or the serene Dandenong Ranges. Don't let unforeseen events interrupt your exploration of this diverse state.

From the vibrant Gold Coast to the tropical wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland offers endless adventures. Protect your camper trailer with comprehensive insurance and embrace the Sunshine State's beauty, knowing you're covered for any unexpected bumps along the way.

Roam freely across Western Australia's vast landscapes, from the rugged Kimberley to the stunning Margaret River region. Comprehensive camper trailer insurance in WA shields your journey, allowing you to delve into the state's natural wonders without fretting over unforeseen circumstances.

Cruise through South Australia's vineyards, coastlines, and outback trails without concerns. Comprehensive camper trailer insurance safeguards your travels through the Barossa Valley or the picturesque Flinders Ranges, letting you focus on creating unforgettable memories.

Explore Tasmania's wilderness and pristine landscapes worry-free. Comprehensive camper trailer insurance in Tasmania ensures protection as you journey through the scenic routes of Cradle Mountain or the coastal beauty of Freycinet National Park.

Embark on an epic adventure across the Northern Territory's iconic landscapes. With comprehensive camper trailer insurance, traverse the red deserts of Uluru or the Top End's tropical wonders, knowing your travels are protected against unforeseen incidents.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can and should insure a camper trailer. We understand that your camper trailer holds the comforts of home but can easily be susceptible to damage while off-road or camping, so we aim to provide confidence that your camper trailer is covered when being put to good use anywhere that you can legally take it in Australia. We also offer laid-up cover when you're not touring.

Yes, it is generally recommended to have insurance coverage for camper trailers, however it is not legally required in Australia. While insurance for camper trailers may not be legally required, it is strongly recommended to protect your investment and mitigate potential financial risks associated with accidents, theft, or damages.

Accidental Damage: Coverage for accidental damage to your camper trailer resulting from collisions, overturning, or other unforeseen incidents.

Theft and Vandalism: Protection against theft or vandalism of your camper trailer, including damage caused during theft attempts. Fire and Natural Disasters: Coverage for damage to your camper trailer resulting from fire, lightning, storms, hail, floods, or other natural disasters.

Contents Coverage: Optional coverage for personal belongings and equipment inside the camper trailer, such as camping gear, appliances, and other items. Liability Coverage: Protection against third-party claims for property damage or bodily injury caused by your camper trailer.

Emergency Accommodation: Reimbursement for temporary accommodation expenses if your camper trailer becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

Club 4X4 Insurance understands that your camper trailer holds the comforts of home but can easily be susceptible to damage while off-road or camping, so we aim to provide confidence that your camper trailer is covered when being put to good use anywhere that you can legally take it in Australia. From on-road to off-road, we specialise in providing insurance for 4WD vehicles and the camper trailers they tow, which means we have a deep understanding of the unique risks and challenges that come with owning a camper trailer that is used off-road. While you explore Australia, know that you can tackle harsh 4X4 terrain and take the tough tracks with the security of an insurance provider that gets you.

Club 4X4 offers a range of coverage options that are tailored to the needs of camper trailer owners to cover them anywhere you can legally take a camper trailer in Australia. This includes coverage for accidental damage, theft, fire, and storm damage, as well as coverage for accessories and mods.

We understand that accidents can happen, and are committed to providing fast, efficient, and compassionate service to our customers in the event of a claim. Our sales, service and claims teams are based right here in Australia, and their friendly, expert service will have you feeling safe and secure in no time. You can read about our claims process, and lodge an insurance claim here.

How To Get A Quote

Here's a guide to what you’ll need to get a camper trailer insurance quote...


Your contact details

To get started, we need some basic information about you, including your driving and towing history.


The details of your camper trailer

The make, size and year of your camper trailer to make sure your policy and premium are accurate. If you’ve added any modifications to your camper trailer, we’ll need to know this too.


Where your camper trailer is usually stored

It’s important to let us know whether your camper trailer will be kept in a carport, inside a locked garage or on the street overnight, as this could affect your premium.

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