There’s nothing quite like taking your home away from home on your adventures. At Club 4X4, we’ve put together the best product to cover your Caravan, Camper Trailer, Slide-On or 5th Wheeler Trailer. 90% of trailer owners tow with a 4X4 and 60% of 4X4 owners tow a trailer – why would you insure anywhere else?
  • Laid Up Cover

    You don’t use your caravan or camper trailer year round do you? So why would you pay the full insurance premium year round? With Club 4X4 you can choose the seasons where you won’t be using your van and pay a cheaper premium for a lower coverage*

  • Breakdown And Accident Towing

    What happens to your caravan or camper trailer if your tow rig breaks down or is damaged in a motor vehicle accident? Will your roadside assistance provider tow it? Will they charge you to do so? Take the uncertainty out of your cover with $750 of towing cover with every Caravan & Camper Trailer insurance policy from Club 4X4*

  • Agreed or Market Value

    Take your pick, which one suits you?

  • Modification Cover

    We understand that your fourby isn’t the only item you own that may be modified. We will cover your modifications if you tell us about them.

  • Contents coverage

    As part of a Club 4X4 Caravan or Camper Trailer Insurance policy you have up to $1000 coverage for accidental loss or damage to your contents whilst they are within your caravan or camper trailer.*

  • Motor fusion cover

    If the motor in an electrical appliance burns out, we will pay up to $1000 to ensure that it is back up and running – at the end of the day, drinks are better served chilled!*

  • Food spoilage

    Did the burnt motor leave the Wagyu steak discoloured and letting off an undesirable odour? With $300 in cover you can get back onto the barbie before expected.*

  • Annexe cover

    That’s right –our standard cover already includes up to $2,000 annexe cover. Greater coverage available*

* Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Please read the PDS before making any decisions on this insurance.