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What our Customers say about us

Club 4X4
Based on 174 reviews
Have been dealing with Tania over the phone for a number of years when my policies come up for renewal, and she's a terrific operator, goes the extra distance to make sure I understand the product in purchasing, have enough cover, and that we get a great deal for our 3 insured assets. She has also helped out several of my mates when they've been unable to cut through the BS with other agents at Club 4x4.I have strongly recommended Club 4x4 to everyone insuring a 4WD, as they're just so easy to deal with
Andrew Morris
06:55 06 Dec 21
Excellent service. Helped all the way through the claim process. Windscreen replaced quickly.
Mike Grant
10:03 05 Dec 21
Never called back when they said they would, very un clear marketing for people under 25. I have been driving for 5 years and apparently that is unexperienced and gets a 1000 dollar excess. It should just say 25 and under pay this: $1000 and not say inexperienced. Over the phone I told my age and was never told about the 1000 dollar excess. Took a very long time to get the money owed to me. Not a very good experience at all and I haven't been recommending it to anyone.
edward morris
04:40 02 Dec 21
Good job. Thanks
Richard Carolin
02:30 01 Dec 21
The true story behind any insurance company is how a claim is handled. Club4x4 handled mine really well. The claim advisor was super professional and the claim was handled without any fuss or problem. Very happy.
Rowan Dollar
01:18 01 Dec 21
Recently had to make a claim all went well just had to wait a bit longer than expected but a good outcome. Thank you
debbie lewis
08:34 30 Nov 21
Had a windscreen replaced. Very quick and courteous service. Done by O'Brien's very happy
04:29 30 Nov 21
Easy process to make a windscreen claim and processed promptly.
Premium IT
04:00 30 Nov 21
Overall I was satisfied with the processing of my claim, albeit the initial quote processing was not clear
Bruce Davies
11:43 29 Nov 21
submitted a query regarding accommodation and had very helpful staff handling my inquiry. did not proceed with claim
Russell Frew
00:50 29 Nov 21
Club 4x4 has been the worse company I have ever dealt with. Researching insurance companies I found Club 4x4 to be competitive and being off road focused and smaller than the others I’d have a crack. Did it online which was the in hindsight the first error. Cost me $400 more due to their website changing (or someone) changing the excess selected. I disputed this increase but due doing it “online” I had no proof. The initial claim was approved soon enough. But trying to get a cash payout or any information about the claim or just an update was impossible. Go else where. Do not fall for the they cover off-road. They all do unless specifically stated.
Zero OoO
08:08 28 Nov 21
Had a windscreen repair done. Very quick to respond to my claim and the repair done by O'Brien's Glass was top notch. Overall, hassle free.
Peter Mills
05:45 27 Nov 21
Shout out to Joel (Hope I spelled your name correctly), You were beyond helpful. Two days in a row I caught you on the phone, the second time you remembered we'd spoken by only my first name (Private number so it wasn't caller ID). Felt like I was getting help from a friend! Glad to be covered by Club 4x4!Thanks + shout out to Tanya (Hope I spelled your name correctly) who I also spoke with, you were amazing! Thank you for your initiative in answering questions I didn't even know to ask! As a young woman with not a lot of knowledge about cars or the process of getting insurance -- you really made it a simple easy to understand process. Thank you Tanya & Joel!!
Rachel Weare
02:03 25 Nov 21
Would not insure our rebuilt 4x4 for more than we paid for it which was of course much less than it cost to rebuild it and kit it out for travelling and way less than curret market value of 25k. The amount insured (6k) was even less than the value of the accessories (7k) much for covering the full value of the accessories. Even then they wanted photos inside and out. Plainly ridiculous and contradicts their advertising esp on replacement value. Waste of time.
Margaret Johnson
05:50 11 Oct 21
Easy to deal with and really helpful staff. Got everything covered and reasonably priced
Andrew Mccabe
04:33 27 Sep 21
Most comprehensive coverage ever experienced; great to deal with strictly 4x4 specialists; very approachable, flexible and understanding Staff; prompt and easy to contact (a human); compatible pricing with timely reminders. After having dealt with several other vehicle insurance companies previously, I would not consider any other insurance company for my 4x4, nor would I recommend any other.
Dick Shepheard
01:46 14 Sep 21
Cracked a windscreen on first day of our roadtrip - thanks to 4x4 and their flexibility in terms of repairers, we were back on the road in 24 hours.Very happy with their prompt response and the outcome
05:57 09 Sep 21
Quick and easy to deal with, no issues at all.
Darryn Hiddle
05:42 09 Sep 21
The person I liaised with sorted my claim professionally and promptly. Good service!
Michael Lohf
01:57 23 Aug 21
My repairs were done in a comparatively short space of time thanks to the team at Club4x4. The biggest holdup was getting the parts in and having to wait for a space at the Panel beaters. Once the repairs started it was all done in a couple of days. I’m a happy customer.
Phillip Robinson
22:40 22 Aug 21
Club4x4 representative organised within hours for the windscreen repairer to call me and arrange when and where to replace screen. Repairer was very friendly and professional. I was very impressed with how easy the whole experience was, and full marks to both companies.
01:24 20 Aug 21
Easy to deal with and offer a great service
Brendan Seidel
06:00 16 Aug 21
Top customer service very professional
Paul Watson
23:43 15 Aug 21
Very good customer service and policy content
David Matthews
07:33 24 Jul 21
Very easy to deal with.
Allan Ferry
22:57 04 Jul 21
4th attempt to complete mandatory information required . Would not accept information everytime, whether it be phone number or email address, things that I am comfortable with as factual
09:31 23 Jun 21
they offer a specialized 4x4 insurance
derek rhind
01:00 16 Jun 21
Best 4wd Insuance. These guys know what it cost to build the perfect 4x4 and what it costs. Easy to deal with. You pay for what you get.
Boris Nuich
23:39 14 Jun 21
Fast to fix any problems claims accepted fast 😃😃
mark attenborough
08:10 14 Jun 21
I insured with club 4x4 for peace of mind.I dealt with Adrian and Sam.Thankyou
THE TSD Project
09:48 21 May 21
Excellent policy conditions. Encourages driver training which reduces the odds of accidents, which is great for them - and us.
David Manning
06:42 21 May 21
Great communication once I finally got through. Quite expensive for the vehicle I was insuring (an import). Worth a shot!
Joel Hudson-Stewart
09:03 18 May 21
Explained and answered my question fully
Gary Hart
01:35 18 May 21
You need assurance and peace of mind
glenn sharp
04:35 15 May 21
Easy process and great customer service!
Michael Paredes
14:47 11 May 21
5 🌟 stars
03:22 03 May 21
Haven't purchased insurance.... yetSo far though amazingly easy to deal with !Helpful knowledgeable and easy to contact.
Summerland Winters
01:45 30 Apr 21
Made a claim, my choice of repairer and Club 4x4 were great. They followed up to ensure I was satisfied with the repairs.
Carl Costolloe
10:37 25 Apr 21
My claim was quick and easy, very happy with the process.
Bill Forrest
08:10 25 Apr 21
They are a good company, I have been with them for awhile and even had a claim that went through quick. Only issue is I could not justify the price when others are not doing what they do.
23:33 22 Apr 21
Aarno Monttinen
08:06 22 Apr 21
Spend half hour on phone giving all details for a quote to email out and got nothing.
Andrew Nelson
18:16 03 Apr 21
Very helpful. Easy to talk to. Offered advice on ways to save money on my premium. Thoroughly recommend
Steve Dominguez
23:09 02 Apr 21
They’ll put your premium up $40 a month every year then blame covid for causing more claims. They told me the same excuse last year before covid even existed.Leaving club 4x4 before another increase next year. Currently added $80 a month to my original monthly payment 2 years ago and I’ve not made one claim. The car does less than 5000km’s a year and is always garaged.
Locky Ratz
04:01 16 Mar 21
Seamless care and consideration for me and my ST-X 550 welfare
Terrence Tung-Yep
00:33 14 Mar 21
Great place
helen young
03:21 12 Mar 21
I had problems applying on line for the insurance, but was very pleased with the helpful service and eventual policy with Club 4x4.
Hans Graetz
09:20 04 Mar 21
The people on the phone are easy to deal with and actually give you the impression that they want to help you.Good prices with an understanding of what a 4x4 enthusiast needs to be covered for without being put through the wringer.
andy dilena
01:09 04 Mar 21
Friendly customer service, easy to apply for a policy and value for money.
Riaan van der Merwe
04:57 28 Feb 21
It's insurance for 4x4s
Drew Pollack
10:00 25 Feb 21
Awesome to deal with and amazing customer service would highly recommend!
Tina Maree
06:31 24 Feb 21
Too expensive. Not suitable for younger drivers.
pedals Maryborough
23:31 03 Feb 21
Absolutely fantastic customer service from a knowledgeable team member. Highly recommend Club 4x4 for your off-road insurance.
The Little Rig
09:52 02 Feb 21
Claim was easy to lodge and fixed quickly ( windscreen only)
Malcolm Haas
21:08 18 Jan 21
Had to replace my front windscreen, simple called, spoke to someone who spoke and understood Australian English, a push of a few buttons and the claim was done and dusted, all to easy.Great service club 4x4.
Brad Wakefield
17:30 18 Jan 21
Faultless experience with my claim. Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Double R
08:44 15 Jan 21
Decent price, great customer service.
Jake Forbes
18:02 02 Jan 21
If you're owning a 4WD there's only a handful of insurance that will cover your pride and joy for what it's really worth! And Club 4x4 is one of them.
Levy Ferdinand
22:59 14 Dec 20
Second time insuring with club 4x4.First time around was really easy, apart from the lady not telling me about the $66 yearly admin fee, which was a surprise when it came out if my account.3 months down the track we've sold that fourbie, and purchased another.This time, not so much. Put in a quote, was sent a request for photos and to put a coffee cup or bag on my car to show they are recent, strange.I was then asked for a list of mods and there prices, done, coming in at $15000 & then told I would only be covered for what I've spent this year ($5000) and the agreed price for the 4x4.It definitely wasn't an easy process, with lots of phone calls and emails.I will still insure with them because no one on the market offers coverage like they do for off road, but their processes need to be streamlined.
Lala Aplin
22:27 11 Dec 20
Easy to deal with and great coverage
Ben Possamai
10:25 27 Nov 20
Very helpful and affordable
13:16 26 Nov 20
These guys are on the ball, from initial quote to a claim I cant fault them. They answer the phone straight away and you get to talk to someone in Australia, they insured my 4wd for $40,000 more (inc accessories) with better coverage throughout Australia than other major insurers and the premium and excess was no more!I recently put in a small claim for a Windscreen Replacement, with no fuss they let me find my own repairer and organised a cash settlement on receipt.They conduct their business in a way that every insurer should! Highly Recommended!
Scott Fern
09:12 18 Nov 20
I have both my 4WD vehicle and my caravan insured with Club 4X4I have made no claims relating to the car and only one claim relating to the caravan.This claim was handled by the caravan repairer in Townsville in conjunction wiht Club 4X4. The repairs were completed satisfactorily although delayed by the virus which affected the workspace available to the repairer.Ultimately the caravan has handed back with the repairs completed and the paperwork done with minimal input required of me.i can recommend Club 4X4 for the way my claim was handled and I hope I don't have any reason to make any other claims. Well done guys at Club 4X4
Paul Fuller
01:50 16 Nov 20
Had an aussie hopper jump into the side of near new car and the process of making a claim through Club 4x4 was exceptional would recommend them as a car insurer
Ricki Matthews
14:39 14 Nov 20
Very nice to deal with and i appreciate the service and professionalism that they provide .
jeff Watson
06:15 14 Nov 20
Great coverage unlike other insurers, however the price is far higher. Almost the leading telco of insurance providers, a monopoly on the prices in the market as they offer something different to the rest. The coverage is good, and the peace of mind is the biggest draw card to be insured with this company.
Zak N
20:13 09 Nov 20


Does your current insurer understand you like we do?

  • Off-road Recovery

    As part of your policy you have up to $1,500 coverage towards the cost of recovering your vehicle. Larger coverage amounts available*
    Click here for case studies of how it works.

  • Australia wide coverage for your touring gear

    As part of your policy you have up to $2,000 coverage for accidental loss or damage to your personal effects – anywhere in Australia, even if it’s not in your car at the time! Larger coverage amounts available*

  • Coverage anywhere in Australia

    That’s right we’ve said it – anywhere!*

  • Full coverage for your accessories and modifications

    We understand what it takes to go touring.

  • Vehicle hire cover

    Does your insurer know the cost to rent a 4X4? Club 4X4 offers up to $180 a day for 21 days if your vehicle is stolen. Additional coverage for accident coverage available*

  • Essential repairs

    We understand that your vehicle might cost more to get driveable in an emergency which is why we cover up to $1000 in emergency repairs to keep you going*

  • Multi policy discount

    Combine two or more policies with us and get a discount of up to 10%

  • A complimentary magazine subscription

    When you join Club 4X4, you will receive a free 12 month subscription to Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Magazine.

  • A discount of up to 20% for completing recognised 4X4 or towing training

    Save up to 20% on your policy by completing recognised 4WD training, and up to 10% on your caravan or camper policy by completing recognised towing training!

* Subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Please read the PDS before making any decisions on this insurance.


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