If you’re here it means you need to lodge a claim – hopefully you’re ok. The good news is you’re in the right place!

As your enthusiast insurer we understand the pain that comes with damaging your car. Simply follow the steps below and we will help you through.

This won’t take too long, but understand we want to take the best care of you so we will be thorough. Have the details of the accident or any other parties available, this will prevent you having the fumble around when you’re on the phone!
If you don’t have a favourite don’t worry, we have a good list of repairers we can recommend you to! Please note we offer a lifetime warranty on repairs if the job is assigned to our recommended repairer. We reckon your relationship with your own repairer will mean they will take care of you anyway!
  • Secure the vehicle to ensure it cannot be damaged any further
  • Don’t admit to being in the wrong with anyone involved in or at the scene of the accident – let us work that out for you!
  • Do get all of the relevant details from anyone else involved in the accident or any witnesses who you think might be helpful. Some useful details include name, address, drivers licence number, registration number
  • Contact the police to attend the scene of the accident, or at the very least lodge report the accident so you have an incident number. Keep this one safe as we may ask for it when you call to claim.
Give us a call as soon as possible or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you.