Cover Anywhere In Australia

Our insurance covers 4X4s, camper trailers, caravans & slide-on campers anywhere you’re allowed to take them, on-road & off-road

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Cover Anywhere In Australia

Where You’re Covered

If your vehicle is allowed there, our insurance goes there too. Where you aren’t covered would be a shorter list, but there are a few areas where we are proud to cut through the usual insurance grey areas.

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Water Crossings

It’s smart to check the depth & walk water crossings, but honest mistakes happen, & we’re here to get you out of cold water

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Sand driving is fun but having an accident below the high water mark or where there’s no gazetted road can be an issue with others

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4X4 Tracks

Having a 4WD that can tackle the tough tracks or explore the trails less travelled doesn’t mean you have to, but it’s nice to know you can

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Even if there’s no road, as long as your vehicle is allowed to be there & you aren’t participating in motorsport, you’re covered

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Private Property

This is no problem if you’re the owner, but a mate’s farm or a 4X4 park can be an insurance grey area; not for us though!

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Sealed Roads

Of course, our policies respond as you’d expect regular comprehensive motor insurance to, we just keep going where the sealed roads stop

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Cover Your Rig & Its Bits

From a few tasteful mods to having all the gear, we’re passionate about actually agreeing with our customers on the value of their vehicles to cover rigs for what they’re really worth

Why Choose Club 4X4?

If you’re after no-nonsense insurance for your next trip, read on!

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Insurance You Can Trust

We aren’t like the rest, building our reputation on honesty & compassion

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By 4WDers, For 4WDers

We get you because we love exploring Australia too, on- & off-road!

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We Love What Others Fear

Heavily modified? Touring Australia? Heaps of gear? No sweat!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Off-road adventures sometimes require professional recovery services. Our 4X4 insurance can cover reimbursement of the costs associated with professional off-road vehicle recovery, reducing the financial burden in case your vehicle becomes immobilised or stuck in challenging terrain. As part of your policy, you have up to $1,500 coverage towards the cost of recovering your vehicle, with larger coverage amounts available.

Yes, that's what we specialise in! Off-road driving exposes your vehicle to various risks such as rock damage, water crossings, sand driving, rollovers, and recovery costs. Our 4X4 insurance provides coverage for these specific risks that are not typically covered by standard car insurance policies. We cover 4WDs, camper trailers, caravans and slide-on campers anywhere you're allowed to take them in Australia, on-road or off.

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