Off-Road Recovery Cover

Where the 2WD roads stop, so does most roadside assistance, which is why every 4X4 policy comes with off-road recovery cover to get you out of trouble

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4X4 Roadside Assitance

How Does It Work?

With $1,500 automatically included in every 4X4, Caravan and Camper Trailer policy & upgrades to $15,000 or $30,000 available, our off-road recovery cover gives peace of mind to even the most remote travellers

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Get Stuck

If you get bogged, have a mechanical failure or are otherwise stuck off-road, but not as a result of an insured event, we can still help

Get Help

Call us when you need help, and we can handle the entire process for you - from finding a recovery provider to covering the bill up to your chosen limit (minus the excess).

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Get Out

Wait for help from the professional recovery agent we've organised & get your adventure back on track!

4x4 and caravan off road insurance


Add Sealed Road Support

Roadside Plus includes generous allowances to suit 4WDs, caravans & camper trailers

Why Choose Club 4X4?

If you’re after no-nonsense insurance for your next trip, read on!

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Insurance You Can Trust

We aren’t like the rest, building our reputation on honesty & compassion

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By 4WDers, For 4WDers

We get you because we love exploring Australia too, on-road & off-road!

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We Love What Others Fear

Heavily modified? Touring Australia? Heaps of gear? No sweat!

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