Modified 4WD Insurance

From a few tasteful mods to having all the gear, we’re passionate about actually agreeing with our customers on the value of their vehicles to cover rigs for what they’re really worth

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Modified 4WD Insurance

What Can We Cover?

It’s rare to see a completely standard 4WD off-road. However you’ve customised yours, we think it’s as special as you do!

We Get What It Costs

Anything aftermarket that's fixed to your 4WD & non-consumable can be covered as an agreed value that’s separate to your vehicle’s sum insured, even if the build snowballed a bit

More Than a Pile of Parts

A lot of work goes into kitting out 4WDs, which is why we cover labour & installation costs so you could rebuild your rig, from electrical to fabrication to fitting accessories

Details Are Important

Love your colour-matched accessories? Fitted your favourite bits & wouldn’t settle for anything else? Great, we’d love to cover everything that makes your 4WD special!

Lift Kits & Other Bits

There are some places that stock suspension simply can’t go, so as long as your 4WD is road registered & not used for motorsport, we can cover suspension setups from mild to wild

Even The Oily Stuff

Sometimes the stuff you can’t see is the most important, so if you’ve beefed up your driveline with things like an upgraded gearbox, reduction gears or diff locks, we can cover it

Mean Machines

Pumping out a few more ponies? We can cover performance mods from intakes, intercoolers & exhausts right through to fuel system upgrades, turbos, dyno tunes & beyond!


Cover Your Gear Too!

We can cover portable touring gear like camping equipment & fridges Australia wide, with or away from the vehicle

Why Choose Club 4X4?

If you’re after no-nonsense insurance for your next trip, read on!

Insurance You Can Trust

We aren’t like the rest, building our reputation on honesty & compassion

By 4WDers, For 4WDers

We get you because we love exploring Australia too, on- & off-road!

We Love What Others Fear

Heavily modified? Touring Australia? Heaps of gear? No sweat!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many 4WD enthusiasts modify their vehicles to enhance performance, including aftermarket accessories like bull bars, winches, and suspension lifts. These modifications increase the value of the vehicle and require specialized coverage, which our 4X4 insurance can provide. Our insurance has full coverage for your accessories and modifications on your 4WD as we understand what it takes to go touring.

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