Club 4X4 Safety Shop Launches Tomorrow

This week is a pretty special one for me.

Tomorrow we are going to launch a concept that has been very close to my heart for some time. Having worked in the insurance industry for more years than I care to admit, I’ve come across all sorts of different initiatives designed to attract and keep customers; some good, some not so good. What I never really saw, was a reward program that was really geared towards the customer.

I mean yes, it’s great to have a flash card to put in your wallet or a sticker on your windscreen. Sometimes these linked in with some sort of discount program from a range of different providers; some relevant, some as useful as a hole in the head. These offers soon lose their varnish when the card gets lost under the driver’s seat or after having tried to use it, you realise the process is the equivalent of arranging a meeting with the big man upstairs.

We’ve been on an amazing ride the last 3 years and the release of safety shop is a concept that’s been a long time in the making. With the addition of Aiden Frost, our Marketing guru, outdoors nut and financial services marketing expert, the concept came together and is soon to be a reality.

As an insurance provider, risk management is our bread and butter. Our desire to educate and improve four-wheel-driving practices in general ties in not only with reducing risk at an individual level, but it helps with the public image of four wheel drivers. The process of practicing safe four wheel driving is having the right gear and the knowledge of how and when to use it.

Safety Shop was born from our desire to bring you products that we have tried and tested and that meet our quality standards. These are the basic products that you should be taking with you on every trip. These are the products that will help you make it back safely, or at least with minimal damage. These are the products that someone should be offering you at a discount every day of the week. Club 4X4 will be the ones that do so.

Tomorrow we launch with up to 20% off every product in Safety Shop, for everyone. After that, policyholders will continue to get a strong discount as an on-going thank you for choosing us to insure your pride and joy. We will continue to seek out new products to add and partnerships to work on. We have also negotiated some special discounts and offers from our partners over the years; these will also be made clear and available to you in Safety Shop also.

In the meantime, here are the 2 items that I’ve personally enjoyed reviewing the most over the last 12 months or so, which you will find in our shop on Friday!

  1. Tyre Pressure Management System –×4-safety-series-tyre-pressure-management-systems/
  2. Uniden Dash Cam i40 –×4-safety-series-dashcams/

As always we welcome feedback, let us know what you think or if there are any products you want us to find and make available to you! You can provide your thoughts to

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    1. G’day Gordon,

      Stay tuned, we are launching our shop tomorrow and you will be able to purchase the Tyre Dog TPMS at a great discount!

      Make sure you register.


  1. What a terrific initiative from an Insurance Company. That’s what makes Club 4X4 so special, and different from other companies. Looking forward to seeing what products are available and also what other ideas Club 4X4 comes up with. Keep up the great work team!

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