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  1. What a irresponsible 4×4 driver. Impatience costs life’s. With over 50 years of out back travel. Safety is always first priority, why should lives be put at risk because some stupid 4×4 driver cant wait 2 days to get something mechanical fixed. This is the trouble with a lot of 4×4 drivers these days. They take risks and rely on someone else to save them. Think about repercussions before you act.

  2. I have to agree with Shivers. I organise trips in remote areas – any vehicle that comes with us must have 100% bill of health from a mechanic before we leave. If there is something wrong – get it fixed before you embark into the outback. There are too many stories like this, where people have suffered (or at the least inconvenience others) due to inappropriate preparedness.

    1. Hi Woodduck5,

      How does one get to here about your organised trips to remote areas? Can you add my details to your contacts list?

      Cheers, Dan Nebauer Mob 0413 611 541

  3. I hope in a situation like that even Club4x4 would NOT cover his recovery.
    Surely “I can go out with a half broken 4WD because I am with Club4x4” is not what you are after?

    1. Post

      Andre – you’re right. With any policy, if one has contributed to the claim then there are consequences such as reducing the claim.

      We advocate responsible four wheel driving, but we also understand that somethings the proverbial happens – and that’s what you pay good money for insurance for.

  4. I agree, I was part of a caving expedition to the Nullabor and I being there before said to the trip leader make sure everyone has 2 spare tyres, and if they dont they dont go, she let one guy go with one spare, he blew 2 tyres in one go in the middle of nowhere, finally got him to nullabor road house, lost 3 days waiting for spares to come out, not happy.

    1. O.K. two flats, what happens at number three? I think we need to understand what preparation “We” need, some mechanical knowledge of your vehicle(getting harder for the do it yourself I will admit) and some spares, at least a tyre repair kit but having the ability to repair a tyre on the road is very important. We go to theses off road shows and spend thousands of dollars on recovery gear for the possibility of getting stuck , how many of us carry a $10.00 brass joiner for a water hose? or a $60.00 tyre repair kit , but have $1000.00 dollars worth of spare tyres adding extra weigh (contributing to puncture probability) and not the ability to repair them our self’s?.

      1. Post

        so true – i think what you’re talking about Ian comes from experience. It’s easy to get caught up in the sexy stuff, particularly when you’re first getting into the hobby – which ironically is when you need the detail the most!

        Happy to publish an article on this stuff if you’re willing tow rite it from your experience!! We need more education!


  5. Yep it’s expensive to break down in the Simpson. I did and Peter from Birdsville came out in his massive truck and got me out. Cost $400 per hour. Oh yes it cost. Why $400 per hour , because he can.

  6. Yupp, i call them oppertunistic swines.. see it all the time ! No preperation bugger all gear and have that mind set that someone will have that thing they need or will recover them when needed… you know the type that block tracks and basically force others to use thier gear and pull them out, yes suv people YOU!

  7. Some times things just happen, with all the preperation done things still hit the fan. When you pay good money you expect them to go the distance for you (Insurance/Road side assist). When in Qld, NRMA hands it over to the RACQ who is obliged to record conversations about troubles and organise help. Be careful, all is not roses. A problem 60ks out side Mt. Isa can cost $2500.00, (payment before unloading vehicle) just for alternator problems. Recordings wiped, agent paid, Driver not happy when first told it would be 7hrs before pickup and tow truck did not move all day from sight of auto electricians shop. Sent bigger rig for extra gouging.

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