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  1. Greg – How do you know Club4x4 are any good when you haven’t made a claim.

    You haven’t really used any of the service that you have been paying for.

    I am surprised this review made the newsletter.

  2. Hey Gary, I’ve heard of insurers not paying or paying and I’ve read the agreement. My vehicle isn’t illegally modified and the price is great. They offered a better service and coverage than some others so I switched to club 4×4. I was with RACV for years but they were getting too expensive even with multi policy discounts. I’m confident going with these guys as they are just as open about their rules as any other insurance mob. But they have endeavoured to make things clear in their policy.

  3. NRMA is notorious for not paying! A woman (who had her licence for just 9 days) ran a red light and wrote my Subaru off. I had let my insurance lapse and was looking for a new insurer when my wife borrowed the car, the accident happened 300 meters from our home. Instead of towing our car home as they were instructed to do, the NRMA towed it to their yard, said it was a write-off, managed to do more damage to the car in transport and to make sure that the car would not start took to the engine with a mattock! When I popped the hood and saw the chop marks I said what happened there, I was told it was part of the accident damage. I told them when I viewed the car at the accident site, the engine wasnt damaged but now it it and probably with that mattock (pointing to the mattock leaning against the fence) when I walked out of their office the mattock was removed from where it was leaning on the fence… When the car was delivered to my home it was ‘dry’ as in someone had emptied the tank (it had been filled the night before) and the new (two month old) deep cycle battery was missing. The agreed value on my Subaru was $9,500 NRMA paid $4,000 .

  4. After around 3 months of research & talking to a lot of people I follow on Instagram who have their 4wd’s insured with club4x4, all the feedback I received was really good. I was hesitant at first as it seemed too good to be true, hence doing my research before I swapped our insurances over. My partner & I both have kun26 Hilux dual cabs & we often take both on a trip so I would be swapping both our insurances. After being satisfied with all the feedback I had received I swapped our insurance to Club4x4 before we left for our Cape trip. I’m paying $4 less now than what I was with CGU (in saying that I had been with CGU for many years with various cars & they were always cheapest & they had always been great, however with the Hilux I wasn’t covered for as much as I am with Club4x4). My partner was extremely underinsured with Toyota Insurance the insured value not even covering the loan for his car nor all the extras he has as the car was stock when he bought it, now paying $40 month more with Club4x4 but fully covered for all his extras & with roadside assistance that Toyota Insurance wouldn’t cover. Even though we have only been with Club4x4 since the June holidays, a couple of weeks ago they warranted the windscreen replacement on my partners Hilux immediately with no dramas when he ended up with a massive crack through the windscreen. It’s a great peace of mind that we are both covered for what our cars are worth & for the extras that club4x4 offer that the other insurers don’t, every time we head off on a trip.

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  5. Folks I’ve been with 4×4 for a couple of years now , whilst no one wants an accident to happen it does occasionally. I was recently driving down the coast on Fraser island and completely missed seeing a wash out , it was an awfully big bump. The LC was still drivable and at first I thought I had done no damage at all, alas I had managed to rack up some serious damage to my 200 series landcruiser. Testimony to the toughness of the vehicle we drove back to Melbourne before I discovered what damage I had really done. I contacted 4×4 and started the claim process. One phone call detailing how it happened and where it happened and bingo ! The next day I was given a couple of preferred panel shops to take the vehicle too.

    I’m thinking yea right this will be interesting!
    Nope it was all good , I was so wrong! no dodgy bros repair shop.

    4×4 sent me to Werribee Panels here in Melbourne and I could not be happier with the service I received…….. a professional honest no bull business that knew exactly what they were doing and how long it would take . So 10/10 4×4 Insurance, It will be interesting now to see what happens with my rating one !

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