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  1. My husband Mike did not mention that we were not the only ones trapped by the fire. We had noticed a young couple camping at the Beach area some 400m further along the track. Think Mike said their names were Steve and Anita from Kuranda….with a 10 week old baby! When we first heard the crackling of the fire, my husband was concerned and slipped away telling me he was going to check on them. I was busy helping with the meal as we were not under threat at this time. After 45 mins Mike had not returned so I walked along to track heading towards the fire to see where he was. It was then that I realised just how big the fire was. Mike was heading back and told me that for the last half hour he had been helping Steve thrash out flames to save his camp whilst his partner sat terrified clinging to their baby. We then hurried back to warn the others that we had make some decisions. Happily it all ended well for everyone.

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