Patriot Campers’ Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Build Goes Global

4×4 Australia Annual Gear Guide went on sale in newsstands this week and in it you will find this wicked LandCruiser 79 Series from Patriot Campers.

Now we’ve seen these rad rigs before and they are some of the most awesome expedition vehicles that money can buy, but this one is different.

Keen observers might have spotted that the steering wheel of this Cruiser is on the wrong side of the car. That’s right, it’s an imported model and being imported it comes with a petrol engine that isn’t offered in the 70s we get here in Australia.

The engine is the 1GR-FE 4.0-liter V6 that we know from the Hilux, Prado and FJ Cruiser Toyotas. It’s a 200kW engine but lacks the torque to push these big Cruisers so Justin and the boys at Patriot have fitted a full exhaust system to the Super Tourer along with a Unichip that allows multiple engines tunes to account for outright performance or low tune to cope with the poor quality fuels that can be common in some of the countries where this rig will operate.

This car was shipped here from Dubai for the Patriot conversion and has since been shipped to Mongolia where it will serve duty. This is the first international built for the Queensland-based Patriot crew and if the number of enquiries from other global clients is anything to go by, it won’t be the last.

Just another great Aussie company taking their world-class product global! Who says manufacturing in Australia is dead?


This article was originally posted by 4×4 Australia.

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  1. Have been a motor dealer in Oz for 30+ years and believe me the petrol Troopy has always been as popular as a Muslim terrorist. One petrol engine sold to every 99 diesels. Be mighty surprised if it takes off here in Australia !!!

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