ARB’s latest addition to the Outback Solutions Range, the Outback Solutions Bunker Drawer is the perfect camping solution if you’re unable to fit a swag or tent in the boot or if you’re unable to find a suitable camping ground to stay the night.

Head engineer, A. Fools said ARB have finally addressed the need for a compact and simple sleeping solution for those who can’t get back to their campsite before dark or have had a few too many drinks and can’t get behind the wheel.

“Far too many off roaders get carried away enjoying the outback, and forget about how they are going to get back to their campsite to sleep. We have developed a simple solution that allows off roaders to sleep in their vehicles in a comfortable and practical way,” Mr Fools said.

“Let’s not forget about instances where the boot is packed to the brim and fitting a tent or swag in just seems impractical.”

Key Features

  • Engineered for both on and off road touring
  • Large sleeping area measuring 2150mm (L) x 900mm (W) for the king single and 2150mm (L) x 1400mm (W) for the king double
  • Four internal accessory pockets allow storage of items such as phone, wallet and drink bottle
  • Key lockable, push-pull slam shut latches for ease of use and maximum security
  • Long lasting, comfortable 75mm corrugated foam mattress with anti-microbial additives and a non-rustling, machine washable cover
  • Cross folded floor ensures maximum support for body mass up to 200kgs within each unit
  • Vehicle specific side floor kit completes installation and reduces redundant areas within the cabin
  • Folded stainless steel runners for smooth drawer and slide operation
  • Self locking anti roll back system locks into place at full extension, removing the need for awkward locking pins
  • Modular units allow greater flexibility if needs change in the future

Available in King single or King double.

Article from Arb

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