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When Gary told me he wanted to buy a Harley Davidson, I was skeptical.

Apart from teasing him about having a mid-life crisis, I wasn’t a fan of motorbikes.

To me, Harleys were loud and unnecessary, part outlaw-biker, part middle-aged wannabe.

My first and only experience of two-wheeled transport was riding scooters. First in Indonesia and Thailand, and then my own little scooter!

However, we negotiated a trade off (I can’t reveal exactly what that trade off was!) and Gary went and bought his bike.

…And Black Betty came into our lives.

Riding in the Outback

The bike wasn’t as loud or ugly as I thought it was going to be. In fact, it’s a gorgeous looking machine. I couldn’t wait to go for a ride.

(It was certainly a lot bigger my little scooter!)

When I got on, I was REALLY surprised. The seat was so comfortable – like sinking back into a lounge chair.

We took off for a ride out through the East MacDonnell Ranges and I was hooked! Seeing the outback on Harley Davidson was totally new experience – even for me.

Even though I’ve been out through the East MacDonnell Ranges dozens of time, on the back of the Harley, I noticed things about the landscape, the ranges, the trees and plants that I’d never seen before.

I guess you’re insulated in a car or 4WD, whereas on a motorbike, your experience of the land is much more immediate.

And of course, there’s the absolute thrill of hurtling along with the bike purring away and the wind whipping past.

Why is it so good? Well it’s kind of naughty and dangerous and exciting all at once! When you’re on a Harley, people stop and take a second look.

So from being a Harley skeptic, I’m now a convert. A ride on a Harley Davidson is a must-do outback experience!

No Bike? No Problem!

If you’d like to experience the outback on a Harley Davidson, then you’re in luck!

There’s a couple of places to do it, and one of them we highly recommend: Central Oz Adventures.

Central Oz Adventures is owned by Al, the guy who sold Gary his bike.

Al has been running adrenalin rush Harley rides out of Alice Springs for years. He’s also a keen photographer.

Central Oz Adventures offers all kinds of Harley rides out of Alice Springs.

Al specialises in self-ride and passenger eco-style tours all around the Outback (yes, he’ll take you to Uluru) and even to Darwin!

You can choose tours which you design, lasting from 1 hour to 7 days! There just isn’t anyone else in the Outback offering this kind of unique experience.

If you’re an experienced rider, you can hire a bike and explore the outback around Alice Springs on your own.

Visit Central Oz Adventures here. The rates are very reasonable and you’ll be in very safe hands.

Harley Rides at Uluru

If you’re headed to Ayers Rock, then you can also catch a Harley Davidson ride as well.

Uluru Motorcycle Tours will take you for a thrilling spin around the Rock ($95) or visit Kata Tjuta as well for $295.

Experienced riders can also hire a Harley for a day and see the Rock in a way that few people do.

You can find more information here:

UPDATE: Gary is currently completing a ride from Alice Springs to Uluru, then to Darwin and back to Alice Springs.

Article from Travel Outback Australia.

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  1. I too have done the outback a couple of times on a BMW, once solo and the second time with other bikes. I loved the challenge of doing tar, dirt, bulldust, corrugations and travelling distances up dry creekbeds as it certainly tests your personal fitness and reliability of the bike. Preparation was paramount especially when travelling alone.
    I definitely do agree it is a better experience on two wheels

  2. My wife & I did a trip on 2seperate Harley m/bikes We thoroughly enjoyed camping & the ride I comment that the rides are like sitting in my lounge chair and the scenery changes, plus the birds also the wild animals The rock is most spatacular Preperation important

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