Macca & Borgy’s BBQ Meatballs

Recipe from Camper Trailer Lifestyle.

What you’ll need

500g Beef Mince
1/2 an onion, diced
Macca’s Great Barrier Beef rub
Bread crumbs
1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese
Splash of milk
BBQ Sauce
Brown sugar
Foil BBQ tray

How it’s done

Heat your bbq up.

Dice your onion, and combine with the bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and a splash of milk in a mixing bowl.

Add the beef mince to the bowl, and gently mix together with your hands – wear gloves if you’re squeamish about touching raw meat.

Form mixture into balls, and coat in some of Macca’s Great Barrier Beef rub.

Place all your meatballs in a foil bbq tray.

Make up the glaze by mixing your bbq sauce with a good shake of brown sugar.

Drizzle your bbq glaze over the meatballs in the tray, and then place on your bbq, and close the hood.

Cook for 20 minutes, or until done.

Stick a toothpick in each one, and enjoy with a happy hour beer!

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