Fire Safety With Kids

Be comfortable with a fire.


A campfire is one of the gems of camping. Fire is a valuable resource but it can also be a deadly one. Here is what we do to create fire safety and awareness with our toddler.

  1. Explain – first thing we do is explain the dangers of the fire. “The fire is very hot and dangerous so you must be very careful around it. It will burn you if you touch it”. We constantly remind Layla how hot and dangerous the fire is.
  2. Clear boundaries – we make a physical boundary that we do not want her to go past. Usually this is a line in the sand. Be careful that you don’t make it a tripping hazard. Our boundary is always far enough out that if she were to fall at or just over the edge, she would not be in danger of getting burnt.
  3. Play area – we also like to set down a rug a safe distance from the fire to encourage her if she wants to be around the fire. On the rug she can play around and just enjoy her surroundings or watch the fire. We love to use our Pixie Rug for this as it is large, good quality canvas, water proof if the ground is a little damp and is padded.
  4. Role model – children learn by watching and copying behaviour, so we ensure we a model good safe fire practice. We also obey the rules we have set for her.
  5. Old fires – when we come across designated fire pits or an old fire, we always caution Layla to say away and explain that it can still be very hot.
  6. Supervision – Lastly and most importantly, we do not take our eyes of Layla when the fire is lit or it may still be hot.

Fires create a beautiful atmosphere when camping. Take a few measures and they can be managed safely too.

Article from Your Trip Right.

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Comments 2

  1. No mention of how to prepare for a fire and picture is of how not to have a fire .First dig a hole and build your fire in the hole this will protect it from the wind and spreading of sparks and when finished with to bury it

  2. Campfire safety is very important for everyone’s safety.
    One item that is often overlooked, but has stayed with me for well over 50 years, is never to have river rocks surrounding the campfire.
    As kid at the time, a rock exploded from the heat, and took out one of the other kids eye, totally destroying it.
    Very bad ending to a camp fire in a remote location.
    I now shudder when people put rocks around a fire, instead of having a pit.

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