A guide to travelling local in Queensland

Article by REDARC Renowned for its reputation as a tropical paradise, Queensland is more than meets the eye when it comes to travelling local. In this edition of A Guide to Travelling Local we explore …

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Jul 08 2020

Article by REDARC

Renowned for its reputation as a tropical paradise, Queensland is more than meets the eye when it comes to travelling local. In this edition of A Guide to Travelling Local we explore some of Queensland’s hidden and not so hidden gems.

Area Sales Manager Joel Maizey’s Pick – Fraser Island

Predominantly made of sand, Fraser Island is our Queensland Area Sales manager Joel Maizey’s pick for a 4WD getaway. Only accessible by 4WD, it’s a beach and rainforest paradise with 120km of beach highway and inland sand tracks to explore. Located 360km north of Brisbane, it’s a popular destination for 4x4ers and it’s obvious why. Fraser Island is as fun to explore as it is stunning, with lakes, creeks, rainforest, shipwrecks, and cliffs it’s a must see for anyone travelling up the east coast. When looking to stay on Fraser Island there is a range of accommodation options including powered and unpowered campsites, cabins and resorts depending on your tastes. Though it’s not for 2WDs there are several 4WD hire companies and tag-along trips to make Fraser Island accessible for everyone.

For more information on Fraser Island and all of the things to do, see the Fraser Island website.

Always make sure to air down your tyres before sand driving

For Beginner 4x4ers – Land Cruiser Mountain Park

Less than 2 hours from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Land Cruiser Mountain Park is 10,000 acres of wilderness camping and 4WD park. Perfect for beginner 4WDers with over 2000km of tracks, there’s something for every driver to learn new tricks and experience all different terrains. With unrestricted camping across the whole park, there are four main camping areas with bathroom amenities with 2WD and motorhome access. Though if you’re looking for something a little more rugged REDARC’s all-in-one value packs mean you’ll be able to stay off-grid longer. Across the park both campfires and dogs are allowed so it’s the perfect place to bring the whole family. And if 4WD isn’t your speed there’s also fishing, swimming, hiking, birdwatching, and stunning natural scenery.

To get in touch, find out more or book at Land Cruiser Mountain Park see their website.

For Seasoned 4x4ers – Glasshouse Mountains (Powerline Track)

As one of the most popular tracks in the Glasshouse Mountains, Powerline Track is great if you’re looking for some challenging driving. Perfect for rock crawling, there’s some nice rocky climbs and descents. Though beware as the track can get muddy and slippery after the rains. Best for an experienced driver there are plenty of opt-outs and chicken tracks if anything looks too difficult or the rain has made it too slippery. If you finish with the Powerline track and are looking for a little more 4WDing the infamous Little and Big Red tracks start where Powerline ends and are another great option for experienced 4WDers. There are private properties in this area, so be sure to only go where you are allowed. If you encounter a gate that you are allowed to pass through, leave it as you found it, which is often closed to keep livestock contained.

To find the entry to Powerline track and directions on how to get there see the 4×4 Earth website.

uncharted aus what a view

An unbeatable view!

For a Road Trip – The Great Tropical Drive

If tropical paradise is what you’re after look no further than the Great Tropical Drive. A 2079km drive from Cooktown, down along the coast through Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville and looping back up inland. Explore the Great Barrier Reef, lush rainforest, crystal clear waters, and back into golden outback Queensland. It’s a great way to see some of the different sides of Queensland. Though if 2079km is too long for you, there are many little sections of the Great Tropical Drive that are perfect for a weekend, week or even longer. The best part is that it’s all accessible from the blacktop with a 2WD! There’s a variety of accommodation options along the whole route from free camping, to caravan parks, hotels, and resorts.

For more information on the different routes in the region see this Great Tropical Drive brochure.

sean scotts tropical paradise

If tropical paradise is what you’re after look no further than Queensland

Shaun Whale’s Pick – Bundaberg (Pine Creek)

“I have put this area in because it had a lot of fun challenges for 4WDs of all modification levels. Mostly, you will find big ruts and washouts to test your technical driving skills and you’ll no doubt spend more time on three wheels than four! There’s not one defined track in here, rather a series of tracks that all link up and offer a lot of challenges. Pine Creek is about 25min west of Bundaberg and what I would call, a 4WD play area. It’s a great place to spend a weekend driving hard tracks and the beauty of this region is that once you are done lifting wheels you can drive to one of the best coastal camping areas you are going to find. This region really does have it all!”

To follow along on all of Shaun Whale’s adventures find him at 4WD 24/7 on YouTube.

shaun whale tearing up the tracks

Shaun taking Pine Creek nice and slow

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