Transform Your Smartphone Into A Satellite Phone

As we all know the Australian outback is a truly great touring destination however it can be a bit tough on your vehicle and RV and if you are unlucky enough to have a problem then the last thing you need is no communication options.

Mobile phones are very much part of everyday life but rely on a phone tower and signal and those connection items are all too often missing in most of the Australian Outback. To have that safety net and peace of mind when touring, then the best option has always been a Sat Phone but they can be expensive and require a certain amount of paper work to acquire. However, Optus now have a rather clever alternative, the Optus Thuraya Sat Sleeve+.

Article from ontheroadmagazine

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  1. I have a Sat Sleeve and think it’s the best thing I ever bought, it gives you a feeling of safety, only thing to remember is if you don’t have clear open sky above you it won’t work, things like trees, buildings, even a lot of cloud cover will prevent you from connecting to the Satellite, but this the case with any Sat Phone.

  2. Hmm more expensive that the dedicated, ruggedized Inmarsat dedicated sat phone I purchased. Clearly the recommendation is a paid product endorsement.

  3. We also own The Optus Thuraya SatSleeve+ too and it really does give you peace of mind when you are on the road. We haven’t had to use it yet but if we ever need to use it it will be the best $888 spent.

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