Train and Save with Club 4X4’s latest Partnership

Today we are proud to announce a new partnership with Getabout Training Services  and Tow-ed, both Registered Training Organisations (RTO) that provide comprehensive training for off-road driving and towing respectively.

We first came across the team a few years back at various trade shows and more recently we put our team through stage one of their off-road driving accreditation through Getabout. Through this process we got to spend time at their amazing training facility at Marangaroo and got to know a couple of their workplace qualified trainers. Aside from the fact that one of them was driving a mint TD42 GU, which was awesome, it was also very evident that the guys knew 4wding inside and out and were passionate about what they imparted to us.

“Did you know? You can get a 20% discount off the best 4X4 policy in the country by providing us with evidence of training completed with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)”

The business has been around for over 20 years and provides tailored training packages for business as well as everyday punters who want a “touch up” or are just starting out. You could get a small group of mates together or even take a completely private course, at the end of which you have a nationally recognised qualification! The team provide their training courses right around Australia on real tracks for the off-road stuff and well-spaced facilities away from general traffic for the towing side of things.

So what does this mean for me?

Well, heaps! Some of you may have noticed that our Caravan & Camper Trailer policy allows for a 20% discount if you can provide us with evidence to show you completed a towing course with an RTO. Well, we got to thinking and decided that if we can do that for the Caravan & Camper Trailer product, why don’t we do the same for what is already an awesome 4X4 product. With that, the off-road driver training discount was born!

What’s more, the team at Getabout are offering Club 4X4 customers a special discounted rate; 10% off Off-road driver training and 5% off towing training courses. Should you be interested in undertaking one of their off-road driver training courses, Simply get in touch with the team at Getabout or Tow Ed and give them your policy number when making a booking!

Happy Training (oops – Touring)


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Comments 9

  1. how do we get the discount with each offer if we have to give a policy number first and then do the course to get a policy discount?? where do we see their courses/ dates?

    1. Post

      Hi Andreas, to get the discount on your course you get in touch with the team at Tow-Ed or Getabout directly then provide them with your policy number.

      Then, you provide us with the certificate they provide you for the discount on your insurance policies.


    1. Post
  2. Hi Kalen,

    Can this discount be applied to existing policies? I.e will you be offering the discount retrospectively to your existing customers? ( if they provide you with their training certification?)

    If not, will the new discount be applied from the date you receive the certification?


    1. Post

      Hi Elliot,

      Thanks for making contact and for the question.

      We will give you a pro-rated refund if your certification meets requirements – just give us a call to find out how you can present us with your certificate.



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