We spend heaps on a shiny new van, then often scrimp on the extras needed for towing it.

Let’s talk mirrors … strap on, magnetic or the big elephant ears, permanently mounted extendable style? As always, your individual circumstances will dictate the sort you get, how often do you tow, the size of your van or trailer, available mounting area and maybe the area you store the van. In this podcast we discuss all of this, plus give you a few hints on protecting your tug duco.

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Comments 6

  1. Love the “elephant ears” extendable system, couldn’t they make them a bit smaller to reduce the air drag when not towing the residence

  2. I purchased one of the magnetic mirrors. Day one, 300 Km – OK. Day two, 30 Km of dirt and it fell apart. ABSOLUTE JUNK. Never again.

    Andrew Vaedoot

  3. so what I see is a mass of advertisements with no review or opinion.
    so what is your point with all this??

  4. Hi 4×4, many people just buy a mirror. They forget to check the width difference of the combinations units. During training sessions I quite often find that the expensive purchased fall well short of forfilling the requirement for view for that of an extension mirror. Then people do not set up correctly

  5. Had clear views fitted to my Pajero Sports the left hand mirror when not towing and folded in was no good could only see half of the bottom mirror dangerous , not like the trucks that are fitted with large mirrors as they are either higher up or have a cut out in the door so not to obstruct the view.
    Returned mine not fit for purpose for a full refund .

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