Top-Spec Everest Titanium Now With 18in Wheels

For those who pride practicality over perception.

If 20in wheels aren’t your cup of tea, Ford is now offering 18in on their top-specced Titanium Everest as an FOC (Free Of Charge) option. The overall diameter is roughly the same, but the fact that there’s more sidewall is much more practical for day-to-day usage. You’re much less likely to get gutter rash, and when it comes to airing down for dirt and off-road, you’re much better off.

There will likely be a bit of extra sidewall squirm with 18in rubber, but you’ll have many more aftermarket options to choose from, with better prices to boot. And now, you can keep your leather heated interior and other safety technology of the Everest.

The 18in wheels are taken directly from the mid-spec Trend; for those wanting to retrofit 18in wheels onto their Titanium Everest at home, Ford doesn’t recommend it. There is some special and particular tuning to suit the 18in wheels, including suspension tuning and ESC calibration.

Article from RV Daily

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