The Simplicity Of Solar

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Damian Lucev explains the benefits that the REDARC solar blanket gave his kitted-up Land Rover Defender on a recent trip to Victoria and Tasmania.

Remote touring with a Land Rover Defender

Planning to travel Australia in my Land Rover Defender 90 and going to remote locations like the Victorian High Country and rural Tasmania, I knew that battery power was going to be important to our touring needs and that portable solar panels were going to be the best approach…

So after having a shop around, I made my choice, REDARC’s 115W solar blanket.

Topping batteries up with solar really is that simple
Putting solar to the test

Just after Christmas, I toured the Victorian High Country for 4 days, taking the blanket along for the first time. With a 50L Waeco fridge/freezer and an abundance of lights and charging cables, the 115w blanket made sure my auxiliary battery stayed topped up and all our accessories were running to their full potential.

All that was needed was to place the blanket in full sunlight and watch my Dual Voltage 52mm Gauge rise on the auxiliary battery as it soaked up the rays, which gives you a real sense of security when off the grid.

The solar blanket gives Damian all the power he needs to camp remotely

Chasing the sun

After this stop we headed to Tasmania for 10 days, staying in a few different campsites for multiple days and again, the solar blanket shone (no pun intended).

We found a spot on Moulting Lagoon where I hung the blanket with some cable ties to my roof rack on the side of the car, using the eyelets that are conveniently located around the border of the blanket to catch the afternoon sun. Never once did we lose battery power or drop to levels that would be worrying.

We then headed over to the west coast where we camped along the beach for a couple of days. The blanket stayed out overnight and had some rain on it, but is rugged enough that it handled it without a problem.

A worry-free camping experience

I have wired up Anderson plugs to both of my batteries so that I can pick and choose which battery I’d like to charge. So with a simple plug into the solar regulator, I get to charge whichever battery I choose and have a worry-free camping experience. The great thing about the 115w blanket and the fact that we like to tour light is how small it packs up. With a few folds, it’s into a carry sack and easily slides into any tight spot.

The blanket is a must if you run a fridge and any other accessories and you tour for multiple days or weeks at a time. It puts your mind at ease when camping not having to worry about your food and drinks going warm. It’s worth its weight in gold!

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