The New Club 4X4: 20% Discount for Off-Road Driver Training

G’day folks,

I hope my blog last week about our expansion to a 24hr service model helped to demonstrate our commitment to being here at your time of need and supporting the off-road lifestyle. As I said in that article, it was a long time coming and I was really proud to announce it to you all.

Now in closing that piece, I said that I was going to expand a little on our claims proposition this week; I’m going to put that on ice for a couple of weeks because I want to talk to you about how we’re using what we’ve learnt to pass on savings to you.

Specialising in insuring 4X4’s, particularly modified ones that spend a fair chunk of time doing what they’re designed for is a curious thing. On the one hand, as an insurance agent with a portfolio that consists solely of off-road enthusiasts, we get exposed to the types of claims specific to this pocket of the market to a much greater magnitude than other insurers. On the other hand, the learnings drive a level of expertise around how our hobby translates to risk within an insurance portfolio.

These learnings allow us to continually make premium adjustments with our underwriter to ensure premiums are adequate (sorry about the insurance jargon!), they are adjusted for market movements but also work to reward those who present a lower risk.

The latter part is what I am very excited to talk about today. Many of you will know that Club 4X4 have offered discounts for customers who have undertaken off-road driving or recreational-towing training. Our discounts have been to the order of 10% across your 4X4 policy or trailer policy if you could provide us with proof of a training qualification from a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

One of the learnings over the years has been around how off-road driver training affects driving behaviour and claims experience. Whilst we knew that training lowered the risk, what we’ve learnt is that there was room for further discounting that we wanted to pass on.

As a result of this learning, we are now offering a 20% discount on your 4X4 policy if you can provide us with evidence of a 4X4 driving qualification from an RTO! This discount remains on the policy for the life of the policy, rewarding you for your investment. Existing policyholders who have the current 10% will see this upgraded at renewal – so if you’re not sure at the time please give us a call to check!

It’s worth also noting that we are still proud to partner with Getabout and Tow-ed training who will give Club 4X4 policyholders discounts on their Off-Road Driver Training (10%) and Towing Training (5%) courses nationally. Just give them a call and quote your policy number to get your member price. Got a policy and want to do the training, no problem, let us know and we will refund you pro-rata!

If you have any questions, please send me a comment below, or contact one of our enthusiasts on the phone on 1800 CLUB 4X4 (258 249)

Details for Our partners are as follows

Getabout Training Services for 4X4 Training

TOW-ED Training Services for Towing Training

Happy Touring!

Kalen Ziflian


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Comments 23

  1. Interested , but a quick look at Getabout and Tow-ed training websites indicates they don’t have any courses here in WA

    Do you know an alternative ? Would Land Rover expereince day count ?

    1. Post

      Hi Geoff,

      We’ll get back to you on this. In short, any Registered Training Organisation that completes offroad training counts. Landrover Experience is run by Getabout so maybe…

  2. I am a member of the Nissan 4WD Club of Victoria and have off-road driver accreditation certified by Four Wheel Drive Victoria. I received my 4WD proficiency certificate 16 years ago and my Nissan Patrol is insured with Club 4X4 – am I entitled to the 20% discount?

    1. Post
  3. Good morning Kalen,

    In regards to the 20% discount for members who have undertaken 4wd Training courses, where do we send the evidence? My husband who does all the driving has undertaken a course and I have his Certificate of Completion. We currently have our Ultimate Campervan insured with Club 4×4. PS I have previously sent an email but have not received a response to date.

    Therese and Danny Kindermann.

  4. Do you have a list of accredited training organisations in Vic?
    I’m based in Melbourne 3011.
    I’ve done a search and have come up with a couple, but thought there may be a comprehensive list available to you.
    I did a beginners course which was not accredited, some years ago, so would be interested in doing an advanced course, using the above as an RPL.

  5. This is all well and good requesting certification of some form of training, but I have 2 questions;
    1st I have been towing trailers for years mainly as an interstate truck driver, in saying that there is a difference between the two but one main factor that is consistent with the two is wait distribution. Yet do I have certification paperwork nope just my licence and experience, making it unfair that I have to do another course on something that I have many hrs and kilometres doing.
    2nd the 4wdriving course or certification . I don’t understand how this can make somebody a better 4wdriver? Maybe a more weary 4wdriver but in saying that just because you have a certificate doesn’t mean they know what they are doing or they are going to do the right thing ( ie look at the people driving on the road today car or truck yet they have a licence scary). My experience in 4wdriving is a fair amount or a lot compare to others and not as extreme as others but it comes down to (not a certificate) experience and common sense. Unfortunate thing about off roading is going places that you can not get to in a car or even in a standard off road vehicle and how each obstacle is approached is dependant on the driver and their vehicle and experience. I am no master but I am no idiot/hero, yet once again I need to get certification from someone whom may not have the experience I have to receive a discount on my insurance. 🙁 .
    I love been with Club 4×4 insurance I feel comfortable dealing with people n policies that represent us in the 4wdriving community yet the discount offer requires us to have certification not experience.

    1. G’day Warren,

      All very valid points. What we’ve been able to do in our business is actually dig up true statistics on the claiming behaviour of people who have undertaken and provided us with this level of certification.

      What we do have is a question in our trailer quote process that asks about how long you’ve been towing. Whilst this isn’t used as a rating criteria – ie. it doesn’t make a difference to your price. But what we should aim to do is some analysis on what the different responses mean from a claim experience perspective. I will note this for future work.

      What we also need to do is put experience in as a question for the 4X4 product in order to do the same – so thanks for the feedback and i will note these both as future analysis pieces.

      Thanks for the feedback!


    1. G’day Max,

      Unfortunately not mate – but check my response to Warren – i think we need to think about towing experience as a factor. Will work on that one into the future.


  6. Hi. Very interested in saving on premium costs of course. I have not attended a civil course to date instead relying on the 6 week driver course I did during my 21 years of military service. This covered far more than any of the current National Recognized courses and was wondering if this is sufficient to qualify? I do not have a certificate as it just part of normal training for those who required it for their job.
    Thank you.

      1. Hi Kalen. As I said in my email I do not have any certificates. I was discharged in 1990 and have not kept any miscellaneous paperwork from my service except my official trade qualifications as a communications tech. So boo hoo me I guess. Thanks.

        1. Nigel,

          Is there nothing you may provide us? i know sometimes service personnel have log books etc – is there anyway you can provide us some info?


  7. Hi Kalen, I have a statement of attainment from Australian 4WD & advanced driver education [ national provider no 31223]
    SISODRV302A Drive and recovery a 4 WD Vehicle
    SISODRV404A Drive a 4WD in different Terrain
    Both were achieved 2012
    Would they be recognised for a discount on my policy?

    1. Post
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  10. Hi Kalen

    This is a great initiative. I am a member of The Land Cruiser Club of NSW. As part of this membership we attain a certificate from TLCC, which is a registered RTO. I note that Club4x4 supports TLCC, and many of us insure with you. I can try and dig out my certificate, but would it be possible for Club4x4 to contact TLCC as this would apply to all members.
    Craig Gowan

  11. Hi Folks,
    Does the discount apply if the main driver is certified – but another nominated driver (my wife) is not certified?

    1. Post

      G’day, yes it does. One of the listed drivers needs to have completed training for the discount to apply.


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