Sizzling Steak Wrapped Bocconcini In Napoletana Sauce

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Nothing like finishing your night off with a hearty meal that everyone would enjoy! These bocconcini wrapped sizzle steaks in napoletana sauce are a perfect meal you can prepare nice and early and keep in the fridge until dinner time, making the preparation quick and easy!

Sizzling Steak wrapped Bocconcini in Napoletana Sauce

(For Sauce)
-One tablespoon of Olive Oil
-One medium brown onion, finely chopped
-150g of bacon, finely diced
-1 large chorizo sausage, sliced
-One 400g tin of crushed tomato
-Basil leaves to your liking
– Cooked pasta (if necessary)

(For steaks)
-400g of sizzle steaks, approx 6-8 pieces
-220g of cherry bocconcini
-Toothpicks, to hold together*


1. Wrap your cherry bocconcini in the sizzle steaks, you may want to half the size of the steak to make smaller portions.
2. Use toothpicks to hold into place
3. Refrigerate to use later or use straight away
4. In a pan with one tablespoon of olive oil, brown onions, bacon and chorizo
5. Add in sizzle steak bocconcini’s and let cook, this will only take a few minutes
6. Once cooked, add in tin of canned tomatos
7. Add in fresh basil leaves, and salt and pepper to your liking
8. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes
9. Serve with bread or with pasta of your choice, making sure to remove toothpicks before eating


*Remove toothpicks before eating

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