Are you being a responsible 4WD owner?

Jed Currey, owner of Explore WA 4WD Adventures has had a gut full of people giving 4WD owners a bad name, and has something to say about it:

Responsibility. It’s a rather common place term that we are charged with each & every day as we go about our busy lives. As 4WDers we all share responsibility – That may be driving down to the local shops, out on your local tracks or a once of a lifetime adventure somewhere in this great wide land of ours.

But responsibility is what is damaging our brand, our chosen way of life & ultimately our chances of continuing this lifestyle we have grown to love so much. In fact everywhere you look, people are replacing responsibility for stupidity , they are replacing it for poor attitudes , they are replacing it for a gung-ho self-interested mentality with little regard for how their own lack of responsibility is tarnishing the overall perception of 4WDer’s across the country as responsible members of the community.

You don’t have to look far to see people doing the wrong thing. Accessing off limit areas, driving recklessly, and gallivanting their proud achievements across social media for the broader community to see. News flash… THIS DOES DAMAGE ALL 4WD’ERS. This is a serious disadvantage to the overwhelming majority of people who own 4WD’s & do the right thing.

Explore WA Adventures

Don’t put our way of life at risk

As the world works, we know, we are always judged on our most publicised and prominent performances. More often than not these same people making poor decisions, sporting horrible attitudes & a complete lack of responsibility is the first thing the wider community will get to see, with the likes of Facebook & other social media platforms being so accessible these days littered with blatant evidence of the minority conducting themselves inappropriately.

We are being judged by everyone from mum & dad’s, local government, land management bodies & those in political circles only ever get to see the negative side to our favored past time. It’s actually overwhelming. Yet is this an overwhelming representation of our community as a whole? – No. But it sure is the bloody loudest in the eyes of the very people who are in a position to lock us out.

Next time you head out, just remember what you do affects the whole 4WD community. Take responsibility for yourself, your mates & the wider 4WD community by showing we are a responsible bunch and educate those who do the wrong thing – Let them know it’s not on! If that means you have to drive a bit further to get to a legally accessible 4WD track, or you hold off rolling coal doing circle-work at your local track then so be it.

Your actions directly implicate me & the wider community, & it’s about time we stamp out this bastardry from our own ranks. Report and detail offences to relevant local authorities, pull up and tell them to pull their head in & if need be gather as much information as you can to be submitted to the police.

These people will soon get the message, so long as the responsible folk like you and me have a voice.
We need to stick together for the future of the best past time in the world!


This article was originally posted by 4wding Australia.

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Comments 3

  1. Unfortunately this is why Australia is becoming a “nanny state” about everything, not just 4WDs. There is a lack of personal responsibility for everything and our government and most voters have yet to learn that you cannot legislate against stupidity. No amount of legislation stops the idiots, much of what they do is already illegal. Take a look at how many picked up for DUI are driving unlicensed for previous offenses, not that I’m suggesting we drop that legislation, just pointing out that the law doesn’t stop the minority of idiots who are totally irresponsible. Good luck trying to get through to the few, parents should understand that not disciplining their kids is the start of the rot, no consequences for their actions as children leads to irresponsible adults.

  2. I agree 100% so many times me and some mates go out to enjoy this awesome country and we come across rubbish left lying around because brain dead idiots can’t take their rubbish hope or stupid morons ripping up the tracks because they think it’s cool or don’t have the brains to drive according to the conditions. Or is it
    they need to show of. The sooner these dipshits give up going bush the better.

  3. I have been driving since l was 18 so that’s 1966 to 2022.I reckon l have just about seen it all on the road.l have no traffic convictions,been let of a couple of times.l drove trucks in the Aust Army for best part of 20yrs.contrary to popular belief we never liked getting them dirty as you would be up half the night washing them
    Mud and slush I hated it and still do,I have had a GQ Y60 Pat SW Td42 for about 22 will see me out
    .l get out in the weeds.mainly the Vic high country,very unforgiving if you f”$”up.I don’t like those 4wd groups ,I’m not a nark but they never leave a favourable impression with me.Always seem to be in a tear arsing hurry.stirring up the mud crabs,I can’t follow their line of thought as much as l try.I watch the 4wd shows you always pick up a few usefully snippets.But it is always surrounded by mystry and bullshit.Driving through a sheet of water at a silly speed,etc,does not give a good impression.Allways try to err on the conservative.l come from the bush,so you nurse your machinery as best you can.So all you ,4wd people look after what you have,as you don’t realise what you have lost until it is taken away from you. Roger pearson

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