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  1. I’m in a similar position to Bernie, if my pride and joy was written off, I would be out of pocket heaps. I’m is a slightly better position, though, I don’t owe any money on my 2005 Prado GXL turbo diesel, but it has had a lot spent on extras and other modifications to make it a more than capable long distance tourer.
    With my previous insurer, I would have been able to replace the vehicle, but not the majority of the extra modifications. With Club4x4, not only can I replace the vehicle, but all of the modifications to the Prado. And all of this for a premium that turned out to be $3 per month LESS than my previous insurer !!!

    I couldn’t be happier !

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      Hi Mark,

      Fantastic! This is why we exist – to cover you for the full investment you make into your setup.

      Really pleased to have you on board and thanks so much for taking the time to tell your story.


  2. Well I would have to totally agree with Bernie. My last insurer would only insure my 2007 Rodeo with heaps of extras, which are all ARB products, was $13000, I put in a quote thru Club 4×4 and it went straight to $31000 and my payments went up by about $10 a month, We could not be happier keep up the great work.

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