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      1. Yeah Ted van tares at 1840kg loads at 2400kg haven,t got the ball weight on my mind at the moment and vehicle towing rate is 3500 kg
        is there something you think i may have overlooked????

        1. Hi folks , glad you’re enjoying your caravanning. In relationship to Jeeps read the fine print in the brochures or vehicle hand book. Some Jeeps are required to have weight distribution hitches once they exceed 2500KG even though the claimed rating may be 3500KG. Cheers happy vanning. Neil Reid.

  1. I have one of these WH Grand Cherokee’s (CRD) and I can vouch for there tow capacity 3500kgs and 327kg ball weight. One of the most overlooked 4wd/tow rigs out there, 230,000km and climbing.
    Club 4×4 was the only company that would cover the Jeep with all my mods for actual replacement cost, nearly $10K more then what the other big insurers would do. Hopefully I will never have to claim but I am confident I am covered with Club 4×4.

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