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  1. Im already with club 4×4 insurance and this is why. Thanks for the story Daryl.
    Club 4×4 is an insurer that supports and understands our life style. I have not made any claims but I will not be changing my car insurer any time soon.. I will be moving my wifes car insurance which is a 2 wheel drive citynrunabout when it due in Jan next year.

  2. I got a quote for my insurance after receiving my renewal from
    my current insurer, but only to find that 4×4 was $1000 more expensive.
    Sorry but no wonder they can cover things like damage from a tree root.
    But we are all paying for it.

    1. Post

      Hi Rod,

      Like any consumer product, you need to decide whether it’s right for you. For Darryl, it was – as it meant he was not out of pocket more than the excess for damage that was many multiples of that amount.

      Thanks for the comment


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