Why we are not comparable to ANY insurer…

There is no disputing the convenience of having all of your assets insured under the one roof – if you can get your home, vehicle, contents, caravan, motorbikes and even pets all covered by the same company and receive hefty discounts, why wouldn’t you!?

But your fourbie is not just another one of your possessions. It is your ticket to experiencing Australia in all its glory; seeking out the most beautiful places that are often not connected to a sealed road. Everyday we have more and more people making the switch to Club 4X4 for their touring set-up, even if it means losing some of their multi-policy discounts with their general insurer. Why you ask? Because our product is not comparable in the market that’s why!

To introduce our differences, it is best that we first talk about where we are the same. Club 4X4 offers a comprehensive insurance policy, this is really no different than what almost every general insurer offers for your motor vehicle – coverage for accident, theft, weather events, legal liability cover and so on. But you did not come here to read about coverage that you already have, so let’s talk about the features and benefits that were designed specifically for the 4WD enthusiast.

Where you are covered:

As many of you know by now, one of the biggest difficulties with insurance is getting a straight answer about exactly where you are actually covered. Many insurers will give you their definition of what a gazetted road is (which often varies from one company to another), leaving you with greater uncertainty than you began with. At Club 4X4, we do not hide behind hazy definitions of where you are covered: to put it simply, if you are legally allowed to be there you will be covered in the instance of an insurable event such as an accident or damage -this could be on sand, gravel, private property or even cutting your own tracks! To learn more about our off-road coverage, click here.

How much we will cover you for:

Speaking generally, the purpose of insurance is to get you back to the same position you were in before the incident occurred. When you apply this to the family i30, the market value on your policy should be enough for you to jump back on car sales and take your pick to replace it with relative ease. In contrast, when you apply this to your 2003 GU Patrol with a Brunswick diesel conversion and a dual-cab chop – the market value wouldn’t even pay for the engine conversion let alone the rest! Club 4X4 will factor in the cost of your non-standard accessories and modifications ON TOP of your vehicle value; this way you have a better chance at replacing your setup. For a more in-depth explanation on how we value your vehicle, click here.

Off-Road Recovery:

Have you ever broken down off-road, only to have your roadside assistance provider tell you that they can only tow you from a sealed road? If you have, you will know that there can be large costs associated with having that vehicle recovered to a sealed road or town. Enter our revolutionary off-road recovery benefit. Under this benefit, every vehicle policy with Club 4X4 comes with a $1,500 allowance towards the cost of recovering your vehicle if you break down or get stuck off-road. For those of us who travel to more remote areas, larger amounts of coverage are available. For a more detailed explanation of this, click here.

Australia-wide personal valuables cover:

Almost every comprehensive policy comes with “personal valuables” cover for items inside your vehicle at the time of loss or damage, however you can only claim on this offering where your items are damaged in a claimable event. So what happens if your camping gear is stolen or damaged while at camp, or out of your rig when parked up? Will your home insurance cover that? With Club 4X4, every policy comes with $2,000 of Australia-wide personal effects coverage so that your contents will be covered ANYWHERE in Australia. This means that if something is stolen or damaged outside your vehicle, you will still be covered. For a detailed explanation of this, please click here.

Choice of repairer:

Over the last couple of year’s we have had some truly one-of-a-kind touring rigs choose to join the club – everything from 6-wheel conversions, dual cab chops, engine conversions and everything in between. Enthusiasts spend too much time and money on their vehicles to have any old repairer get their mits on it! Hence, Club 4X4 gives every policy holder choice of repairer. To read more about this, click here.

There are many other benefits to our product, for more information please give us a call on 1800 CLUB 4X4 or go to our website to see our PDS or to get a quote at www.club4x4.com.au Club 4×4, Insurance for 4×4 enthusiasts.

The insurer is The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, AFSL No. 241436, (Hollard). Club 4X4 Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Hollard, No. 1235616.
Any advice provided is general only and insurance coverage is subject to the policy terms and conditions. Underwriting eligibility criteria applies to insurance applications. You should read the PDS available at www.club4x4.com.au to decide if this product suits your needs.

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    1. Post

      Hi Ross,

      We certainly do! Track are actually one of our corporate partners.

      You’re best to give us a call to run through all of the benefits, but first and foremost we cover you anywhere, gazetted, non gazetted and cross country – the same as we do with the tow vehicles.

      Plus, if you combine the toe vehicle policy with the Track you get a 10% discount on the second policy!


  1. Hi, I have a question concerning personal valuables, I often carry 2 detectors and accessories such as fridges ect that has a combined value of around $20k do you have a policy to cover these valuables?

    1. Post

      Hi Hugh,

      Our basic policy covers up to $2000 but at an extra cost you can get up to 5 or $10,000 worth of coverage. Not quite enough for your gear by the sound of it, but a good amount you won’t be able to get anywhere else.


        1. Post

          Peter – great idea. What you may find thought is to get a similar coverage to our it will need to be under a Portable Valuable Coverage that you will find on a Home Contents policy. These can be particularly expensive at times.

  2. i have just committed the insurance of my 2001 Landcruiser TD 100 to Club 4X4 after quite a deal of talk and reading. I hope I never have to claim (after all, I’ve only had it 16 years and it’s only done 417,000 km, so I should be a lower risk client- I’m not 70 yet, either) but if I do have a claim, that will sort out the questions that I (or any other new client) might have.

    I worked in the Life and General Insurance industry for 18 years as a rep for AMP, when they had a deserved reputation for products and service. I was taught that any fool can take your premium, but what makes the difference is how you are treated when you have to make a claim.

    AMP Life would not let a rep work in General Insurance until they had at least a year’s work experience in the Life industry. That may sound strange, but you understand as time goes on that it was a wise decision. That’s another story.

    I also saw a lot of “brilliant ideas” in General Insurance that failed, and some of them broke the companies involved.

    So time will prove if Club 4X4 is wise in its’ underwriting strategy. I’m prepared to give it a go, because I treasure my vehicle like most 4WD drivers I know. And I need it for work and play. I have spent a lot of time and money to get it where I want it, and where I need it, so I use it for what it is made for, but I conserve it as best I can. The average 4WD driver is not in a video clip on Youtube showing us how to smash their pride and joy, they are getting on with life and business.

    I also did some very basic research on the underwriter, Hollard insurance. They read as well as most.

    I now have my vehicle and its’ additions and modifications insured for something like its’ real value, after knowing uncomfortably for at least ten years that it wasn’t insured correctly, because no-one in the market would listen. My agreed value cover has increased from $26,000 to almost $40,000 including extras and mods (list supplied on request), and my premium has dropped from about $1,100 with AAMI to about $860 with Club 4X4. But I note that there is a general principle in the General Insurance industry that you can’t be better off after a claim, and I accept that if my vehicle and its’ contents were destroyed by fire in the locked carport beside my home tonight, I could not be better off after the claim than I was before the event.

    I have no grudge with AAMI, as I only had one claim with my caravan about seven years ago, and they were outstanding, in my extensive experience. But they weren’t able to offer what Club 4X4 does for my Landcruiser, and so they will gradually lose the lot. But now I have to wait and see.

    (I have a friend who insured his home and contents with Youi based on their TV advertising, and he had a major claim when a water pipe burst in the roof while they were away for a few days. He certainly “saved money” on his premium, but his claim treatment and experience was absolutely unbelievable, and he fought, but accepted it in the end because his wife was dying of cancer at the time. After 18 months he settled at a loss of around $30,000. His “policy” was described by the company as “New for Old”.

    He refused to go to NSW Dept of Fair Trading because of his other issues, but he has a classic case of insurance company aggro. With my experience, it makes my blood boil.)

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for the message.

      It is fantastic to have someone with your experience in the insurance industry take the time to share your thoughts with us.

      We are glad that we were able to provide you with coverage to give you that bit more piece of mind in covering your Cruiser. Whilst we always hope you your sake you never find yourself in an incident where you pride and joy gets damaged, we relish the opportunity to prove that we do mean what we say when stating that we are the insurer for the 4X4 enthusiast.

      Hope your long weekend was a good one and thanks again for sharing.

      Cheers, Jackson

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  4. Hello
    I have an Izuzu Dmax that is currently getting a new paint job.
    I have also added accessories that I worry have not been catered for by other insurers.
    can you tell me would you also cover our mighty little vintage 1958 Bondwood caravan?
    currently insured with the same company as my other policies.
    regards Anne

    1. Post

      Hi Anne,

      Are you currently insured with us for the Dmax?

      The van is a little old, but we would definitely look at it – it would need a comprehensive photos set to ensure condition and that sort of thing.


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