Is it time to reconsider your trailer Cover?

So you’ve insured your fourby with us and have the best 4X4 coverage in the land.

Then along comes the renewal for your trailer, and the ring around to sort insurance for another year. It may currently be with a trailer specialist, or a general insurer that holds another policy or two of yours as part of your household package.

Wherever it is, the question you should ask yourself is:

Will my trailer be covered under the same conditions that my fourby will be covered with Club 4X4?

The importance of reading your policy wordings is something that I’ve banged on about a fair bit over the years and yes, it’s not fun – but it could save you a world of pain! We understand that off-road touring can involve towing a Camper Trailer or a Caravan, or even a Slide-On Camper on the back of that dual cab. Where you may get caught out is if you don’t take a considered approach to the coverage on these often-expensive assets!

Luckily enough, we’ve always offered a Comprehensive Caravan policy which can provide you with coverage for your Camper Trailer, Caravan, Slide-on Camper or even a 5th Wheeler. This gives you the confidence that you have cover for your home-away-from-home wherever you take your fourby! (as long as what you’re towing is designed for it! So no on-road caravans on the Canning folks). We also provide coverage for the modifications or accessories you may add to your trailer or slide-on, similar to the way we value your vehicle, along with great coverage options for your contents.

If that isn’t enough, we can also provide you with great multi-policy discounts and a single policy for all of your assets, and the choice to reduce premiums by taking laid up cover during periods where your trailer is sitting in the shed.

So when that renewal comes up, reach out to Club 4X4 and give my team the opportunity to quote you on covering your trailer.

Happy Touring


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Comments 6

  1. Thanks for that info Kalen
    I’m looking at buying the Parkes 15 Ezytrail off road caravan in January 2020 and will be looking for insurance to match my 2017 Colorado which you are aware of.
    It would be good to have a read on the things that are covered and aren’t covered as far as going off-road is concerned with the caravan and whether you cover the caravav if it is being lent out or hired out?
    Can you suggest some good reading material please?
    Thanks again
    Neil buttigieg

    1. Post

      Hi Neil,
      Thanks for the email. If the Caravan is manufactured for off-road use, we will cover you off-road, anywhere in Australia – in short, you have the same geographic cover as your vehicle, including off-road.
      Unfortunately though, we don’t provide cover for hiring a vehicle out – if you are receiving payment for the use of the van, we can’t provide cover unfortunately.

      There is some good reading on geographic coverage here

      I hope this helps.


  2. I’ve twice tried to organise my pop top Jayco insurance with Club 4×4, as obviously I have my 4×4 with you.
    Filled out an online application with no response, spend 25mins on the phone only for the phone to cut out and have never heard back.
    Couldn’t bear another half hour of innane questioning so I haven’t called again. It’s just too hard.

    1. Post

      Hi Matthew,
      I’m really sorry you’ve had a poor experience. We have had some challenges answering all of the calls in the last few months, due to a surge in call volumes. We’ve been working through it, and things should be back to normal. Can I have someone call you to provide a quote?

  3. Regardless of what the front page / blurb or Pat Callinan says (4×4 specialists) your underwriters clearly do not agree.
    Example, my camper trailer insurance increased 20% year on year.
    No claim or change of circumstance on my part.
    When I enquired why this increase occurred, the reason given was the underwriters algorithm calculated the new premium and I was a higher risk.
    My algorithm then found alternative insurance for $500 less.
    Club 4×4 offered to review the premium and subsequently reduced it by $200 after discovering my 4×4 was also insured with Club 4×4.
    Too late, you’ve lost me with the camper, and very likely will lose me when the 4×4 is due.

    1. Post

      Hi Jim,
      We’re sorry that you were disappointed with the premium increases. We offer a product that is unmatched in the market, covering an off-road camper trailer anywhere that you can take your 4WD. We also cover mods and accessories on 4WD’s, offering a level of cover that other insurers generally don’t, and we offer this anywhere in Australia, including off-road. Our priority is to keep our prices as competitive as possible, but unfortunately we can’t always offer the level of cover we do at the lowest price. I’m glad the team did what they could to reduce the pricing for you, but if price is the only thing that matters when it comes to your insurance, unfortunately we won’t always be the cheapest. I’d encourage you to shop around for your insurance as it keeps everyone honest. Please do ensure that you look into the differences with your cover and sum insured so that you can make a fair call on what offers the best value for you.

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