Industry first? One policy for Multiple Toys and a new Multi-Asset discount!

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of insurance policies. Car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, even recently, insurance on my prescription glasses! Whilst all these policies are important and do provide peace of mind, sometimes it can get hard to keep track of all of them and the various payments and comments related to each.

As all of you should know, Club 4X4 can currently insure your fourby as well as a camper trailer, caravan or slide-on camper; this is part of our commitment to insure the various assets that you may own as part of the off-road lifestyle. We’ve always been able to give you a policy for each of these, albeit a separate one; in the process of doing so, a 10% discount was applied to each subsequent policy to your original one in the form of a multi-policy discount.

Having different policies expire at different times is a pain; multiple payments coming out of your account, policies expiring and the need to ensure they’re up to date and acted on for changes where required and ensuring no gaps in your coverage.

This is why we’ve built the capability to be able to insure all of your assets on a single policy in our new system.

This means that you have one policy number to manage, a single renewal date for any of the assets you insure with us, and one payment to make per month, or annually.

Its another way we are working to simplify insurance, so when you are out touring, you have just one renewal date to worry about.

What’s more? Along with our underwriter we have changed the way we apply your multi policy discount. Earlier I mentioned that the discount previously came off off all subsequent policies. In the new system, with the new multi-risk single policy setup you get up to 10% off on the entire vehicle/trailer premium component.

For new potential customers, feel free to get a quote online for all your assets in one, or give us a call and one of our enthusiasts can help you through the process. For our existing customers, if you have multiple policies with us give us a call as one or more comes up for renewal. We will setup a brand new policy for you, which will take a little longer but the pay-off is a better discount and a single expiry and payment on all your toys!

Feel free to comment or ask questions below folks!


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  1. Hi One policy sounds great in theory and I hope in practice. Most people have many many policies ie house, contents, vehicle, van, boat, trailer, bike and so on. Would you cover all these policies under one umbrella and how would you set up as they all expire at different times and at different companies ? I suppose that is my question in a roundabout way
    Cheers Cliff Kenney

  2. I have a porta bote and motor. with jackets, oars, and the lot its worth about $3500. It’s part of what we carry at times on the wagon in front of the van
    all of which you have insured. Interested?

  3. Aiden i would be interested if i could include home and contents and personal valuables. Currently have 4wd with you guys and another car, camper and home and contents with another provider

  4. We have car and caravan with 4×4.
    If we combine the 2 will that insurance cover us if we decide to live in our van and travel Australia?.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Will you still have a permanent residence to come back too?

      Unfortunately our Caravan policy doesn’t cover for units that are being lived in with no fixed home address.



  5. Hi can you quote on the following , 2016 Pajero Exceed with $12000 worth of accessories with receipts all done at one 4X4 shop 80,000 kms old. and a May 2017 Jayco Journey OB 17.55.8 complete with an annex. Contents of the Caravan approx $2000

    1. Post

      Sure Trevor,

      We’ll email you for your number and someone will call you. Its much easier to ensure we get it right that way.


  6. I have both my 4×4 and camper trailer insured by Club 4×4, but the due dates differ. Can I have these policies combined into one?

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      Hi Phillip,
      You sure can. We can do this as the policies come up for renewal, but if you want it done earlier, we can help with that too. Please email your best contact number to if you’d like to speed the process up and we can have someone contact you.

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  10. You state…

    In the new system, with the new multi-risk single policy setup you get 10% off on the policy as a whole.

    My question…
    Can you define your comment “policy as a whole” is that 10% saving off the combined policy cost of two policies or 10% off the combined assets cost??

  11. Seems like a system issue not applying the full 10%…

    I got this reply…..
    I am in discussions with my manager about this at the moment as the system is not allowing us to give a full 10% – it is a system issue.

    Please bear with us as we are short staffed and quite busy and are trying to get this sorted for you.

    This was received after repeated emails suggesting there was something wrong as the 10% wasn’t taken off the renewal cost. I think as they seem short staffed that I was ignored and seen too at a later stage. I wonder how many others didn’t bother checking? Will Club 4×4 contact those and reduce their premiums?

    I had asked for Kalen’s email address (the General Manager) to make him aware of the system issue but alas no email contact details were forth coming….

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