Ironman 4×4 Awning Xtra

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The new Ironman 4×4 Awning Xtra are a welcomed addition to the range of Ironman 4×4 Instant Awnings. The Awning Xtra provides additional shade and shelter for your next outdoor adventure.

The Ironman 4×4 Awning Xtra simply attaches to the sail track of an awning. Featuring wrap around wings that fix to the existing upright awning poles creating an alcove, ideal to accommodate a swag to store your camping chairs and accessories under. With side roll up wings it allows for more air flow in hot weather climates. The Ironman 4×4 Awning Xtra can also be used as an extension to your awning using additional poles and guy ropes.

Manufactured from a high performance 280gsm rip stop poly cotton fabric and seam sealed stitching, that is not only waterproof, strong and durable, but also provides a UV50+ sun protection rating. Each individual side wing fixing clip and eyelets are heavy duty and gusseted to reinforce the area,
reducing any stress on the fabric.

Ground pegs are included to secure the Awning Xtra in place as well as a convenient storage bag.

Available in two sizes:

A: 2m B: 2.4m C:1.4m D: 2m
A: 2.5m B: 2.4m C:1.4m D: 2m

Awning Xtra 2

Awning Xtra 3

Awning Xtra 1

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