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Keeping everyone in the vehicle occupied when you’ve got a long drive ahead can be a big challenge. And once you arrive, whether it’s night time or a spot of bad weather, you can’t always do the fun, ‘outdoorsy’ things you had planned.

All families have their own ways of ensuring that everyone keeps smiling on a trip away, but sometimes you need to make your own fun. Travel games are perfect for times like these, so here are few ideas for your next camping adventure!


Eye Spy

The old classic. The person whos turn it is picks an object they can see and says: Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with (whatever letter of the alphabet it starts with). Everyone else in the car has to try and guess what it is and the person who guesses correctly then has a turn.

For younger children, try an easier version by using colours instead of letters of the alphabet.


An Easy Word Game

Choose a theme such as animals, places or food. Someone starts with a word that relates to the theme. The next person then has to find another word in the same theme that starts with the last letter of the previous persons word. So if the topic was animals it could be:

Monkey… Yak… Kookaburra… Antelope… Echidna… and so on


The Number Plate Word Game

In turn, everyone uses the letters from a number plate they see to make up a crazy animal (or other equally fun thing).

So for example, a number plate that was HSE-584 could be: a Hairy Squishy Elephant!


The Number Plate Game

For this game, someone will need to be the scorer and have paper and a pencil. One at a time, as you pass cars, or cars go past, each person takes the last number from the number plate and the scorer writes it down under their name. The next time this person has a turn a new number is added to the first number, and so on. The winner is the first person to reach a certain number (eg. 50 or 100).


On My Last 4x4 Adventure I Took...

Everyone in the car takes a turn at this game. The first person starts by saying On my last 4×4 adventure I took and completes the sentence with an item they might take starting with the letter A. The next person has a turn and repeats the phrase, including the first persons word, then adds their own starting with B. On my last 4×4 adventure I took an APPLE and a BULL BAR.

This continues all the way through the alphabet and can get quite tricky later on but is a lot of fun.


Count the Cars

Everyone chooses a colour and the number of cars they think they will see in that particular colour before reaching a designated spot or town. Eg. I think we will see 17 red cars before we stop for lunch. The winner is the person who has guessed the closest to their chosen number when you reach your destination.

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