Incomparable Insurance Article 3 – Covering your Recovery

While we always do our best to be prepared for the worst when heading off-road by travelling with friends, planning our trip, taking along the basic spares and being prepared with the suitable recovery gear such as recovery ramps, winches and recovery straps; old Murphy is always there waiting to rear his ugly head.

So what happens when you find yourself unable to continue your adventure? If your problem is as a result of a claimable incident such as a collision, depending on your coverage (see our prior article Gazetted or not gazetted – Navigating your insurance coverage) you may be lucky enough to have your insurer pay for the retrieval costs of your vehicle. However, if you have bogged yourself good and proper or have suffered some sort of mechanical breakdown which prevents you from going any further it is totally up to you to find a solution (try and find a roadside service provider that will come to dune number 368 in the Simpson!).

Often such recoveries will be at significant expense. For example, a recovery from Stockton Beach in New South Wales’ north coast might cost $500, whilst depending on how far into the Simpson Desert you are you may be up for a $25,000 recovery cost.

This is where Club 4×4’s Off-Road Recovery Coverage comes into its own. As part of our basic policy we will cover you for up to $1500 of recovery costs*, a totally bespoke coverage to help you continue your adventure. For those of us planning the big trip during the year, there is the option to pay extra on your policy and get coverage for up to $15,000 or $30,000. True peace of mind to help you continue your journey.

So when you are getting your quotes for this year’s renewal for your pride and joy, remember that not all insurance is the same. Give us a call on 1800 CLUB 4X4 or get a quote at to understand how Club 4×4 is breaking the mould for insurance coverage.

Club 4×4, Incomparable Insurance for 4X4 Enthusiasts

*This Additional benefit is subject to an excess of $200 which will be applied and this benefit is limited to one claim per policy period. Vehicle will be recovered to the nearest gazetted road.
# This Optional extra must be purchased either when taking out a new policy or on renewal. It cannot be purchased during the policy term.The insurer is The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, AFSL No. 241436, (Hollard). Club 4X4 Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Hollard, No. 1235616. Any advice provided is general only and insurance coverage is subject to the policy terms and conditions. Underwriting eligibility criteria applies to insurance applications. You should read the PDS available at to decide if this product suits your needs.

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  1. Say if we are doing a 5 week Simpson trip an we want the extra coverage or 15k while we are away. So we pay the extra on our policy… Does this extra cover go for 12months or just the time we are away? Or is there an option of just selecting this extra for the time we are away at a reduced cost?

    1. Post

      Hi Mark. To gain access to the extra cover, above and beyond the basic $1500 cover that comes with every policy at no cost, you pay the extra as you have noted. You then get 12 months worth of cover. Unfortunately at this stage we don’t have a “pay as you use” type concept but that sounds like a good idea. Happy to discuss in more detail, call us free of charge on 1800 CLUB 4X4.

    1. Post

      Morning Barry,

      To up your off road recovery coverage to $15,000 at the moment will cost an extra $145 in premium. But that’s just part of it – best to go through, get a quote and check out our PDS. Or just give us a call and let us guide you through it.


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