Club 4X4 Testimonial – Tony Lonergan

To the team at Club 4X4,

After obtaining several quotes online from various Insurance Companies, I was finally able to obtain insurance from Club 4×4 which truly reflected the value of my vehicle.

Other quotes barely covered the replacement costs of my accessories let alone the true value. I now have an agreed value policy with Club 4×4  and I would highly recommend them for anybody who has a 4×4.


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  1. Whilst I agree with Tony re the value of the vehicle an issue I cannot reconcile with Club 4×4 is the recovery costs options. These seem to be reassuring when you go really remote but are totally dependent on you arranging for an accredited (by Club 4×4) recovery service. How can you do this?

    When I queried Club 4×4 on this issue they would not say I was, in essence, covered anywhere unless I could find an accredited recovery operator and then send the bill to Club 4×4.

    I was traversing the Simpson Desert (on the now-called B-Line from Old Andado to the Hay R Track on the 25degrees 23minutes parallell) in the belief I was covered. When I got to Birdsville the recovery operator there (and he also said the same for Mt Dare) that they would not have come for us – so no coverage!

    1. Post

      Hi Len,

      Thanks very much for sharing your experience

      Everything you are saying and that the team have offered you as information is 100% correct.

      Our Off-Road Recovery Cover product is one that provides financial recompense, not a recovery service. What this means is that you need to arrange recovery by a licensed recovery agency and send us through the Tax Invoice for reimbursement.

      The best thing you could do is research the route you are planning to take and find out who does recovery in that area, save the numbers so that should you need to get help, you are prepared. In your case, you would’ve been informed by the guys at Mt Dare and Birdsville that they won’t go that way, which may or may not have altered your decision to take that route.



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