But Club 4X4 Really Isn’t Any Different…Right?

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed a number of people who seemingly don’t understand the differences in our coverage and seem to think aside from Off Road Recovery, we do not differ to …

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Club 4X4 Insurance
Sep 26 2018
Club 4x4 Image

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed a number of people who seemingly don’t understand the differences in our coverage and seem to think aside from Off Road Recovery, we do not differ to others. This is far from factual and in fact it could be resulting in some people making decisions on their insurance without knowing the full story.

Over the years we have released some detailed and well accepted blogs on the various product features and benefits that differentiate our product from the rest of the market. In an effort to educate, I wanted to compile them all here in one place for everyone to have a read through and share.

Off-Road Recovery Cover – Broke down in a remote area? Bogged and can’t get out? Who would come to help you? Every single Roadside Assistance PDS has an exclusion for off-road. Our coverage will compensate you the costs of arranging a recovery to get yourself out to the nearest town. Read more here

Geographic Coverage – Some insurers use the terms “Gazetted” or “Non-Gazetted” roads to describe where you will be covered. The issue is who will determine whether where you were was gazetted at the time of claim? And what map will they work off? We don’t use that jargon, we will cover you anywhere unless you’re trespassing, on a closed track or doing something illegal at the time of your claim. Read more here

True Sum Insured – so everyone knows insurers will do a market value or agreed value on your vehicle. But what about your modifications? A lot of people get confused because their insurer says that they will cover their modifications and accessories. Well, if your sum insured doesn’t get increased to cover the fair replacement value of your investment then you’re not covered well enough. Read more here

Portable Valuable Cover – have you ever had Portable Valuables cover on your home and contents policy? Usually it’s there to cover expensive jewellery or watches. In essence you could lose the covered item anywhere in the world and you will be protected,. Well we’ve added a $2000 coverage to every policy that covers you for your portable gear. Think camp chairs, fridges, navigators, tents; and they’re covered whether they’re with or without the vehicle, lost, stolen or damaged. Read more here

Choice of Repairer – Not sure about you but I don’t trust my pride and joy with just anyone. I’ve got my trusted repairers for mechanical, panel and everything in between and I’d always rather have the opportunity to take my vehicle to my own guy for a quote. The majority of our claims go through the claimants chosen repairer. It costs more, but you get what you pay for. Read more here

$180 a day hire car for Theft – Most insurers won’t even give you a dollar limit per day anymore. You can be assured they won’t know how much it’ll cost to get into something with low range either. If your rig is stolen we won’t put you in a hatchback – our daily figure is not only multiples higher than the market it will also get you into a real fourby where they’re available. Read more here

$1000 emergency repairs – hit a roo or just done some damage while on a trip? It may not be bad enough to take you off the road but a little attention to keep you going until you get home can be very useful. We know that modified fourby can cost more to fix so our emergency repairs are a market leading $1000. Read more here

A 12 month complimentary digital subscription to Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures with every 4X4 policy.

Hopefully a few readers get to know a little more about their policy or the quote they may have done with us. Information is power people, ask your insurer if they provide you with the above benefits.

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Club 4x4 Image
Club 4X4 Insurance