Car Hire – Will your policy get you into a fourby or a hatchback?

Rental Cars. Picking out a rental car may be exciting when you’re arranging holidays and trying to decide what’s most suitable for your needs. Of course if you’re anything like me, you scroll straight to the bottom of the list to see what’s got the most goodies and could be the most fun to drive.

Unfortunately in my case sensibility kicks in with a swift awakening from the better half. I liken this to the process of choosing an insurance policy; it should always be a prudent (read cardigan wearing) and value based decision to ensure that the coverage I get matches my requirements as best as possible.

Over the years, insurers have added car hire as an inclusion to varying degrees within their policies. Most will have an inclusion to cover you if you are unfortunate enough to have your truck stolen, some will also include a provision should you have an accident. The variations are endless, as are the actual coverages within the inclusion.

So do you really know what we’re covered for and if it suits your needs? Here are a few pointers to help you really consider what’s important when it comes to car hire provisions in Motor Insurance policies.

  1. Theft or Accident? Make sure you’re across exactly what is covered. As mentioned above most insurers will have a provision for a hire vehicle when yours gets stolen. Similarly, if a hire car is important to you when you have an accident, check if your policy includes it or whether you need to pay for it when you buy your policy.
  2. Payment? Some insurers will absorb the cost of the hire into a claim and arrange the hire car for you, while some others will have you organise the rental vehicle yourself then send in the invoice for reimbursement. It pays (pun intended!) to know exactly how that works in your decision making process.
  3. How long for? How long is your provision for? Every insurer is slightly different so it pays to know how long you have access to a vehicle.
  4. What can I get? It’s important to check what the allowance is for your rental vehicle. The amounts may vary and at times it will simply be a description of the grade of vehicle you have access too. This will be specific to the rental company that the insurer has preferential dealings with so again, be informed and check it all out.

When we developed our 4X4 Comprehensive Insurance product, we looked into the costs associated with hiring a true 4X4 (yep – one with low range!) and let me tell you, they ain’t cheap! This is why every Club 4X4 motor policy comes with a theft benefit that covers you for up to $180 a day for 21 days if your rig gets stolen. Not an I20 or Corolla in sight! Compare that to your insurer.

Furthermore, if you want to have rental car cover if your vehicle is damaged in a claimable event, you can elect to have a $90 a day or $180 a day coverage at an extra cost. Think about it, if your rig was stolen or damaged while you were away touring – could you put all your gear into a small hatchback or a sedan and continue your journey as planned? Well, if you don’t have the right policy you may be forced to.

It pays to get a quote on the best off-road touring policy in the country.


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      Hi Matt,

      Generally these items can only be added when you take up a policy or when your policy is up for renewal. Online it would’ve been at the end of the quote and on the phone the team would’ve asked you.


    1. Post

      Hi Stephen,

      WHat’s included is for theft claims. In order to have a hire car available when you have had an accident and your vehicle goes in for repairs, you need to purchase the separate hire car cover at an extra cost. You can choose from a $90 or $180 daily cost limit. Organising of the hire car is up to you as the client – this way you can choose!

      Happy Touring


  1. So hire cars during repairs – customers organize themselves and pays . Then we have to try to get re-imbursed? It would be nice if our insurer can organize such things as if the hire car costs will further stretch people’s budgets after a mishap. It would seem to be an inconvenience to have to organize car rental etc and then try to reimburse the value later from Club4x4.

    1. Post

      Hi Steven,

      Yes, that is the process at the moment. If budget is an issue we are happy to discuss on a case by case basis.

      I note you mentioned “try” to reimburse. If you have the coverage, you will be reimbursed to the value per day for the total time that your policy allows – no questions asked 🙂


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