Club 4X4 New Business Hours and Out-Of-Hours tips

As a relatively new business, when we launched we had a fair idea that our products were going to be well received; simply because no one out there had approached the needs of the 4X4 Enthusiast the way we had. We didn’t know that the level of interest and people signing up and entrusting us with their touring machines would be of the magnitude that it has been. A big thanks to all of our wonderful customers; most people would say this is a good problem to have.

In the competitive world of financial services, service is absolutely paramount. Even though we know that we have a product that cannot be matched anywhere, we don’t take customer service lightly.

Over the last 18 months our operation has grown rapidly, with our call centre now an amazingly busy and noisy place – just the way it should be. The challenge we always had was to have enough “bums on seats” to provide a great service that caters for the demand. So starting lean, with only Jackson on during the early days, we chose operating hours between 9am and 5pm.

a few months back to better service our West Coast customers we expanded our operating hours open at 8am and close at 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Given our entire operation is based in Australia, with our call centre in the heart of Newcastle, this is naturally Eastern Standard Time. We have been closely monitoring when you all like to call us for a chat and we are confident that the majority of calls are during these hours, but a few months back we expanded our operating hours. We now open at 8am and close at 7pm Eastern Standard Time to better service our West Coast customers . Despite this, we often get questions around why we don’t operate on weekends and what you should do should you need our support when we aren’t around.

Here’s a couple of pointers if you’re involved in an accident whilst we are not operating:

  • If your rig is non driveable, you have every right and ability to engage with a towing/recovery company to have it moved and stored at a safe place. Remember, you do have choice of repairer on your Club 4X4 Policy, so you could have it towed directly to your repairer for quoting and assessment.
  • It’s critical that you secure your vehicle to prevent further loss and if it’s not driveable and there’s only one way to do that! We will work out payment for the cost of the tow as part of the claim process
  • If your rig is non-driveable and someone is injured, it’s important to call the police and emergency services to render assistance. As a result, the police will have a report readily available should the need for us to sight it arise.
  • Do not accept responsibility or admit fault. Get the other party’s details and keep them at hand. If you’re in need of recovery under our Off Road Recovery Cover remember that this is a financial recompense coverage. What this means is that you need to arrange the recovery from a licensed recovery company, then provide us with the Tax Invoice. We will refund the costs of the recovery up to the value on your particular policy.
  • If you need emergency repairs, please note that every Club 4X4 policy has a $1000 provision for emergency repairs; a realistic figure given the type of rigs we drive around. You are free to use to make your vehicle driveable and prevent further damage. You can either email us with information at, or give us a call on the next business day and we will walk you through the process of lodging a claim and get things going for you.

So whilst our operating hours won’t remain as they are forever, further expansion plans are afoot, hopefully the above tips help give comfort to those of you who weren’t sure about our commitment to service.

Happy Touring

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  1. It would be good if you had a list of recommended repairers on you web site as we all know there are some dud panel shops around the place .
    The NRMA for instance has recommended repair shops which is a good idea and as for your office times it may be necessary to increase the open time spread as your business grows to provide service to those that may have an out of hours accident and require some advice re what to do.
    I have recently swapped to your insurance from the NRMA as I tow a caravan around our great land and have been impressed by your mag and TV series etc but I do have some concerns re your hours of operation

    1. Post

      Hi there David,

      You have choice of repairer with your Club 4X4 policy, but it sounds as though you don’t have a preferred repairer hence your comment. We will take your suggestion up when doing future website revamps.

      Regarding hours of operation, watch this space 🙂

      Thanks for entrusting us with your touring machine!


  2. Thanks for this. I raised this issue recently in feedback on a recent claim, and I’m glad to see you are addressing it. It is also good to know about the provision for emergency repairs. It is not fun having an issue bright and early on the first day of a long weekend, and not being able to contact you, but it is good to know for future reference what to do.

    1. Post

      Thanks Dan,

      Feedback is at the core of everything we do – and it’s never ignored.

      Stay tuned for an even more expanded service in the future.


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