Club 4X4 End of Year Customer Satisfaction Results

In mid 2017, we shared the results of our inaugural Club 4X4 Net Promoter Score Customer Service Survey. At the time, we were pleased to have set a very high benchmark for ourselves in the market, with results that had clear daylight between us and the next motor insurance provider in the market.

So the process has continued and we are now happy to share our end of year results. As we noted in our last report, we felt it important to separate Claims from Sales to for transparency. It’s easy to roll-up a happy sales customer with a not-so happy claims customer to claim an average result. That’s not what we are about (even though if we did do that, we’d still be miles ahead of the competition!)

So how did we fair?



This time around we saw an increased response rate of just under 4,000 respondents. The overall result for sales dropped from 88 to 83 in the December half. Breaking this down saw a decrease of 3% in the number of Promoters (those who scored 9 or 10). At the same time we saw an increase in Neutrals (those who score 7 or 8) of 1.4% and Detractors (those who score 0-6) also increased 1.9%.

In concert with the ratings, we also receive feedback as part of the survey process which helps to qualify the numbers. The main contributors to the lower result during this period were either premiums or service wait times.

Neither of these are new issues in our industry, but each needs to be addressed. Speaking broadly, with a hardening market (that’s insurance jargon for increasing premiums off the back of increasing losses) we did actually find the need to increase our premiums. As a relatively new brand and portfolio,  at times adjustments will need to be more significant as we learn the effect of our offerings from a claims perspective; remembering that no one has ever done things the way we have before.  We are a niche company offering a niche product with risks that the competition don’t possess and never will. As such we need to take a conservative approach to ensure we will be here for the long haul.

With reference to our service offering, we are always looking for quality staff to provide the customer experience that our market demands.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to invest in resourcing to ensure we are there when you need us. Sometimes however, we experience unanticipated peaks which needs to be dealt with re-actively and at these times we ask for your patience.



Our claims results saw a slight increase both in respondents (just under 500) and in the overall result, which improved 1 point from 66 to 67. In terms of composition, the number of detractors, neutrals and promoters remained pretty stable.

As with the sale results, we collect feedback on how claimants felt during this period. The main issues here seem to be around the process of checking driving history and claims details at the beginning of the claim. This process isn’t employed by all insurers and it is understandable that some people may feel uncomfortable about it. Our view is to have a great claims experience but also ensure we can continue to offer our product in the long term. Given the unique way we insure your vehicle and the benefits we offer, we felt that some slightly different processes, checks and measures would be reasonable. However, based on feedback, adjustments were made late last year, meaning not all claims will require this step in the process.

As with sales, resourcing was another issue. Some claimants noted longer than usual time-frames to get things done. Each of these complaints gets handled individually but then forms part of our action plans for ongoing improvement. Resourcing is a common theme across our operation and those who follow us know we are hunting for a number of staff currently.

Some areas up, some area’s down but we still remain well ahead of the market in terms of customer service. As always we thank our loyal customers for trusting us with their assets and for providing open and honest feedback to help us improve.

Until the next update,


Happy Touring


Kalen Ziflian


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Comments 9

  1. Keep up the good work.
    You’re a breath of fresh air when it comes to insuring our trucks and vans, so we can explore this amazing country of ours, with piece of mind.

  2. Made a claim for a windscreen due to stone chip progression while negotiating renewal of policy.
    Claim accepted over phone with no excess and no increase to premium.

    All in all very satisfactory finish and happy with the level of service and the Premium increase over last year for what is offered.

    Cheers, Brian

  3. when i start my so called adventure i will be insuring with 4×4 have a nice and safe trip all you great people who love to travel, cheers davey

  4. I was one of the people that moved from you, after 1 year and then get renewal to see drop of $6 off agreed value. Rang to see if I can still keep my agreed, no I was told, gone to RACV.

    Customer service made no attempt to keep my business !!!!

  5. I was club 4×4 customerfor 2 yrs,after 2minor claims with another company and 1 claim with club 4×4 for canopy door,amount $980.00 was told I had exceeded points system and they would not renew vechicle or canopy insurance when they became due,this has happend. was told if I REEMBURSED the $ 980.00 the points would be scraped and would qualify to reinsure, there is no mention in disclosure Booklet or web regarding this, BEAWARE if you have claims on other policys this will apply

    1. Post


      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      This is what we (and all other insurers globally for that matter) call underwriting criteria. These are the terms and conditions under which we deem a risk to be acceptable and by which we choose to offer insurance. It would seem that in this case you basically had recorded too many claims for us to offer you coverage

      It sounds to me like the team have bent over backwards to try and give you a solution – a very outside of the box one but that just tells me that the team are thinking the way they should be – outside of the box.


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