Chicken with mushrooms

Bush cooking with Roothy: Fire-cooked chicken with mushroom

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Roothy tops some chicken with mushrooms and throws it in the pit oven

FORGET about all the cooking shows wasting space on the telly, with their impractical and highly complicated recipes.

Roothy likes to keep things simple when he’s in the outback kitchen, and for this hearty meal all that’s needed is some raw chicken breast, a tin of Vegeta seasoning, mushrooms, some butter and a pit oven.

Slice the chicken into thin strips (less than an inch thick), sprinkle with some Vegeta seasoning, throw a few mushrooms on top and cover it with butter. Cover it all in aluminium foil and then whack it in the earth oven for 20-odd minutes.

While you’re at it, wrap a few spuds in some aluminium foil and throw them in the pit.

Make sure the chicken is completely cooked through and there are no pink bits!

Fill the spuds with some sour cream and spring onions and you’ve got yourself a brilliant outback dinner.

On a health kick? Just drop the butter.

Check out the video to see just how quick and easy it is to knock up a delicious meal the whole family will enjoy. 

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