Arb Introduces Linx – ‘The Next Generation Of 4×4 Accessories’

Article from Arb

Gone are the days where the only option for installing aftermarket switches meant drilling multiple holes in the dashboard. LINX eliminates the need for numerous switches and centralises the command of classic switches, gauges and monitors into one smart touchscreen display.

Fitting out a modern 4WD with a range of accessories, such as driving lights, Air Lockers, dual batteries and air compressors can quickly lead to a dash full of out of place, hard to reach switches and a myriad of gauges and monitors either stuck to the windscreen or drilled into the dashboard, not to mention all the associated fuses and wiring.


The LINX system is a premium alternative to conventional accessory control, consisting of three main components: a user friendly, Bluetooth enabled touch screen display, a magnetic gimbal mount and a main control unit.

The mobile touchscreen display integrates seamlessly into the vehicle cabin and mounts to a magnetic gimbal that is installed within easy reach of the driver.


LINX offers total control of six pre-installed modules: Front & Rear Traction, Compressor & Pressure Control, Battery Monitoring, Speedometer, Air Suspension Control and an Accessory Switchboard.

Built on an expandable platform, LINX will continue to evolve the 4WDing experience both now and into the future. Simply connecting the screen to a WiFi point allows you to upgrade your LINX with any new updates at the press of a button.

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