4×4 Trip to Stokes National Park, WA

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The tranquil surroundings of Stokes Inlet are steeped in pastoral history and natural beauty

Stokes National Park lies on the south-east coast of Western Australia, a short hop from Esperance. As it offers ocean and estuary waterways, the park is popular for fishing, swimming, boating, birdwatching, walking and camping.

This feature was originally published in 4×4 Australia’s March 2012 issue

Stokes Inlet can often be closed to the sea – a trait common with estuaries of the area – but as one of the largest and deepest, it manages to retain water and the associated wildlife.

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There are a number of picturesque campgrounds in the park offering broad appeal. At just 6km off the South Coast Highway via the gravel Stokes Inlet Road, Benwenerup campground (33 49 02S, 121 08 59E) offers the best facilities.

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