21 Fabulous Outback Sunsets (Photos)

Article from Travel Out Back Australia Sitting back and watching the sunset in outback Australia must rate as one the best things in life. After all, what’s a trip to the outback without chilled evening …

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Oct 08 2018

Article from Travel Out Back Australia

Sitting back and watching the sunset in outback Australia must rate as one the best things in life.

After all, what’s a trip to the outback without chilled evening around a campfire, watching the sunset with great friends, good wine and colours you’ll never forget.

So, we invite you to be inspired by our 21 Fabulous Outback Sunsets:

1. Local’s Secret

Sand dune

This is the (famous) Alice Springs sand dune on what locals call Old South Road. It’s located approximately 30km south of Alice, take Stuart Highway out of town, but DON’T turn south as is heading to Adelaide.

Take the next turn to the right, signposted with ‘Chambers Pillar/Maryvale’, and drive out from there

2. Birdsville Track


Not far from Marree is this great old Morris wreck, just hiding off the Birdsville Track.

3. Mt Liebig Magic

Mt Liebig sunset

You too would camp solo if you had views like this! Mt Liebig is approximately 400km north west of Alice Springs. Amanda took this whilst …working!

4. Davenport Ranges, Barkly Region, NT


Approximately 350km north of Alice Springs, and 110km south of Tennant Creek are the Itwelepwenty/ Davenport Ranges National Park. And this beautiful sunset…

5. Wagon on Muloorina Station, Outback South Australia


Muloorina Station is the alternative way to see Lake Eyre (the Level Post Bay area) and has a much better campsite than Halligan Bay. You’ll pass this old beauty on the way in. Read more here about camping at Lake Eyre.

6. Newhaven Station, Tanami Desert, NT


Newhaven Station is a private conservation reserve located in the Tanami Desert. It’s about 500km by road from Alice Springs.

There’s several great camping areas, lots of walks and scenic drives, but the REAL reason to go is for the birds…

6. Bushfire Sky – Near Morgan, SA


This is what the Sampson Flat bushfires in January 2015 looked like from the edge of outback near Morgan.

7. Outback South Australia – Wheatfield


Just to prove that you CAN take awesome shots with your iPhone, here’s one I took a couple of years ago whilst doing archaeological field studies.

8. The Outback Way, South of Warburton, WA

Outback Way near Warburton Sunset

You can’t beat a sunset on the Outback Way, can you?

9. Kintore, NT


Amanda took this great shot of the sun setting in November 2014 at Kintore, approximately 500km north west of Alice Springs.

Kintore is the Northern Territory’s most remote community, and is only 20km inside the WA/NT border.

10. Desert Oak, Watarrka-Kings Canyon


Read more about Watarrka – Kings Canyon here.

11. Rainbow Valley, NT


Yes, you MUST go to Rainbow Valley and take fabulous sunset shots. Read all about this fabulous conservation reserve here.

12. Kalgoorlie, WA

Kalgoorlie Sunset

I loved my March 2015 trip to Kalgoorlie… I can’t wait to go back!

13. Pimba, South Australia

Pimba, South Australia, sunset

Who said Pimba was boring? The sunsets were stunning. Read all about driving from Adelaide to Alice Springs here.

14. Karlu Karlu – Devils Marbles, NT


Those OTHER big red rocks in the outback people love to photograph. Read all about the Aboriginal culture and Dreaming Stories associated with the Devils Marbles here.

15. Sunset Over the Murray River, Cadell SA


Wouldn’t you like THIS in your backyard? We love the Murray River and escape there several times every year.

16. Mungo Dunes, Mungo National Park, NSW


NO excuses! There is some outback in every state and territory except the ACT and Tasmania. Get out there!!

17. Uluru


Yes, you knew there would be at least one picture of Uluru in here somewhere. Plan your Uluru trip here.

18. Simpsons Gap


Only 15 minutes drive from Alice Springs, Simpsons Gap is perfect for romantic evening drinks, photos and proposals. Ok. Maybe not proposals, but lots of people get married here. Read all about Simpsons Gap here.

19. The Simpson Desert, QLD

Simpson Desert Sunset Queensland side

From Simpsons Gap to the Simpson Desert. This lovely little claypan we camped next to was the site of Australia’s most remote yoga class.

20. Alice Springs


Our home and the heart of Australia – Alice Springs. We love the sunsets. So will you.

21. Owen Springs Reserve


Yes, that’s us taking time out to stop and watch the sun set over the Waterhouse Ranges on the very special Owen Springs Reserve.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a few of our favourite sunsets and most of all, hope that you’ll come and take a few fabulous photos yourself.

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