So do you cover the blacktop too?

Last week I was talking to one of my team who recently attended an event where he was asked if we provide coverage when driving in normal everyday conditions such as on bitumen roads around town. I’ve certainly had this question a couple of times over the years, so I thought I’d get out here and clarify.

Over here at Club 4X4 HQ we get so caught up in the world that presents itself once we get some dirt, mud, snow, rock or sand under the tyres, that we often glaze over on this pretty simplistic but important point: We definitely do cover you on the blacktop!

Going back all those years now when I was working on our PDS (yes – I had the dubious pleasure of the job) there were two pieces to the puzzle; firstly, to ensure the Motor Insurance product that we were developing was in line with the market. This meant that it had to have all of the basic attributes available in mainstream Motor Insurance products readily available across the insurance landscape. So think about things like new for old for 2 years, agreed or market valuation for the vehicle, coverage for basic events like accidents, through to weather perils like storms and hail and everything else that you can find in the documentation. The second and more exciting part was understanding the gaps that existed in the Motor Insurance market that we could fill to tailor to the 4X4 enthusiast. So think about our market leading coverage for accessories and modifications, our Off-Road Recovery Cover and Australia Wide Portable Values Coverage.

What we set out to achieve is to provide the ultimate Motor (4X4) Insurance product in the country, which includes all the vanilla stuff you get with a mainstream product, with the fairy dust on top which makes it a truly valuable product to suit the needs of all of us 4X4 Enthusiasts.

Afterall – we you can’t get to the fun stuff without pounding the bitumen first!

Happy Touring


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Comments 6

  1. I applied very recently(ticket #10454) and also later to return a phone call, however 4×4 has ducked for cover in not quoting at all in this period for 2019-2020.
    So……after May 2019, you’ve just become….another……..bunch……of……..pussies.

    1. Mike,

      We have dissected all contacts we have had with you, including listening to each phone call that was recorded.

      Firstly, we are a proud Australian company that gives equal opportunities to all, regardless of gender. Personally, i am proud that we have a great mix of staff in my team, all passionate about our brand and servicing our customers. Most are enthusiasts themselves and i’m proud to have them in my team. I note there was an occasion where you didn’t want to speak to one of my call centre staff based on her gender. You subsequently spoke to a number of other operators over a 6 week period between early august and mid September.

      Secondly, as i understand, we have not yet recorded anywhere near enough detail regarding yourself or your vehicle to give you a quote. I can see that one of my team said that they would send you one – they were in the wrong and have been given the feedback accordingly; I take that on the chin and apologise. Since that point however, there have been a couple of contacts and at each contact we explained that we need more details from you in order to allow for a quote to occur. In each instance you stated that we had all your details, or were unwilling to spend the time on the phone to answer the requisite questions.

      The details we hold are not enough to give you a quote. I am more than happy to have one of my team call you at your convenience and complete the quote for you should you wish, but we do need to spend some time on the phone gaining details to allow that to happen.

      Will await your response.

      Kalen Ziflian
      General Manager

    1. Hi Hayley,

      We offer 15k or 30k as additional coverages. The basic policy comes with $1500 at no extra cost above your premium – which figure did you want to add?


  2. We have had trouble getting Club 4×4 to engage us via phone or email for a quote on our vehicle and camper trailer. Multi contacts were attempted by my wife in the two weeks leading up to a Fraser Island trip (trip started 23Aug19). We got a quote two years ago with no issues but did not proceed. I hope this is just a mistake, not that you’ve grown beyond your abilities to service the 4wd insurance market!

    1. G’day Jeff,

      I’m really sorry to hear that. Definitely not our intent not to get back to you. I am happy to personally deal with a quote for your fourby and camper trailer. I will send you an email.


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