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  1. I was under the impression that insurance would not pay out for this, and that was ALL companies saying you should have had done all you could including ensuring that car could make it. I wonder how a pleb would be treated.

    1. Post

      Hi Ray, thanks for the comments. We will cover damage caused by a water crossing, although an additional excess applies. We strongly advocate and encourage people to walk the crossing first and understand the limits of their vehicle, but we do understand that sometimes things just go wrong…

    2. Ray,

      As the General Manager of Club 4X4 I can tell you there is no such thing as a “pleb” in my business mate. Every customer is treated the same and yes, everyone has cover if they drown their car with Club 4X4 – wouldn’t really bee offroad insurance if there were question marks about whether you’d be covered through a water crossing would it?

      Happy Touring!


  2. Nice to read a positive experience with an insurance company. I recently had the opposite experience with another insurer on my home insurance. Now my insurance is due on my 200 series Landcruiser I’m looking to move my insurance elsewhere…… will definitely get a quote from Club4x4

  3. Well aleast it drowned in fresh water & not salt whi h is a plus.
    Does the insurance cover retrieval from any where in Australia ?

    1. Hi Clive.

      Of course it does!

      If you’re in a claimable incident like this one, it’s our job to get it repaired, home, or total lossed, no matter where it happens.


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