Club 4X4 Claims Review – Darren Thomas

Despite being an experienced Four Wheel Driver, and the man behind Uncover Australia, Darren was recently unfortunate enough to have a water crossing go wrong. This required him to claim under the policy, and the following is the email he sent to our GM on the experience.

Club 4X4 Reviews
Dec 02 2020

Good morning Kalen

Thank you very much for the email.

It’s a shame that the Hilux has drowned. I have always pushed it hard but this time it just went bad.

I have to say though all of you there at Club 4×4 are amazing I really mean it.

I am blown away by how responsive and fast all of you are, losing the car has been pretty stressful and the support from you guys has absolutely blown me away .

I always knew you guys were the best in the business for coverage but to experience first-hand how efficient and caring you all are really has blown me away .

Although we are still closing off the claim and the car is yet to be paid out and picked up I have placed an order for a new merlot dual cab that should arrive in Feb and we will start the process all over again.

I couldn’t imagine ever using a different company to insure with you guys are just amazing and I honestly cant thank you enough.

I look forward to continuing to insure with you and will do everything I can on my channels and other ways to make other people realise you guys are worth every cent.

Regards Darren

We’re really glad we could be there in your time of need Darren – thanks for the great feedback!

Club 4X4 Reviews