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  1. Hi ,
    This has similarities to myself,
    1 I have a Dmax 2016
    2 Its insured by Club 4 X 4
    3 It has a lot of accessories that would not be properly covered with other insurers
    4 We are happy with the cover although no claims to date.
    5 We’ve also had little experience with insurance claims over the last 45 years
    5 Oh and my name is also Fred (nearly forgot the Cou de grace).
    PS we love the campfire publication-the weekly conversations video is great

    PS we love this publication

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      G’day Fred

      Thank you for entrusting us with your pride and joy. Hopefully it continues to provide you with trouble free adventures!

      Thanks for the kind words

      Happy Touring


  2. I have a Isuzu Dmax 4×4 Xrunner which does not go off road, overkill for the bitumen I suppose.
    Vehicle is 2017 build and travels around 10,000 klm per year mostly highway driving.
    I notice much of your insurance caters for off road vehicles my enquire is do you provide for non off roaders?

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      G’day Rod,

      It’s never overkill if you get those tyres dirty once in a while 🙂

      At the moment, we only offer coverage for off-road vehicles – but stay tuned we are working on a complimentary product that will cover other vehicles that an existing customer with an off-road vehicle insured with us may also have.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!



  3. Hi my name is Andy
    I have a 2013 Navara and is insured with another Company. I do a 14 day tour each year to “God knows where” and take all what is necessary to be self sufficient.
    Do Club 4 x 4 Insurance cater for people such as me?
    My car has been fitted out with loads of the good stuff including fridges (2) and my survival kit etc. I have never made a claim with this vehicle of 7 years and hope not to but have had an issue when the suspension gave way some where between Roebourne and Tom Price on Grand Final weekend. The vehicle was still in Warranty but Nissan shrugged their shoulders and made up an excuse.
    What say you?

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  4. Touch wood (or should it be red dust?) we have not had to make a claim in the last two years (which has included over 35,000km and seven months of off-bitumen travel) since taking out a policy with Club 4X4.

    The peace of mind for such things as recovery costs whilst on places such as the Canning Stock Route (last year – towing a T-Van) and the knowledge that the $25K of accessories on the Amarok are fully covered are some of the reasons why we are with Club 4X4.

    The discounts offered for recognised 4WD club membership, approved driver training, etc. are also appreciated.

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      Thanks so much for entrusting us with your setup.

      I am sincerely jealous of the amount of travel you’ve had off-road!



  5. Kalen, Am I to understand that your ins. cover is strictly only for when you are on a dirt track and not on a bitumen one ???
    That means we have to have two insurance policies for our vehicle, I would think that that would be very, very expansive!!


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      G’day Paul,

      No that’s incorrect – our policy covers you as any normal motor vehicle insurance policy would on bitumen, the difference with us ins the bread of geographic coverage and the policy extra’s like your modification values, off-road recovery cover, portable valuables cover and more. The below article can help you understand what makes us special!


      Hope that helps!


  6. Hi Kalen
    I am trying to get a quote but can’t get my address on the application for some reason, also it is asking me for my CC details which I won’t give unless I decide to go with the policy. Is it possible for someone to contact me please.

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