Off-Road Recovery Cover?

We all hope it is something we don’t need to use, but the reality is sometimes it is unavoidable. No matter how prepared you are for the unexpected, sometimes you get caught out (like Emily did in her claims review).

That’s why we look into things like Roadside Assistance or Off-Road Recovery cover when we are going to be travelling, and its also why we invest in things like satellite messengers or satellite phones when we are going to be remote.

The challenge with Roadside Assistance is that there are plenty of clauses which mean that they may not come and get you, even if you’ve paid for top tier cover.  If you are bogged, or not on a road traversable by a 2WD vehicle, then at the very least you’re likely up for the cost of specialist recovery gear to come get you. There are also other conditions you probably won’t know about unless you get into the details – the key to this is the terms and conditions document which spells these things out, and to really understand any of the limits or exclusions, you need to read them front to back.

This is why off-road recovery cover exists – to cover the gap in the market for when you are off-road.  Sure, if you’ve had an accident and your insurer covers you there, towing of the vehicle is generally covered.  But that’s not the case for a whole lot of things that can go wrong, like mechanical breakdown, too many flat tyres, or even getting bogged.  In these cases, off-road recovery cover can help you get moving again, or recovered.

And the good news is 2 fold:

  • Every Club 4X4 4WD policy comes with up to $1,500.00 of off-road recovery cover, which can be increased to $15,000 or $30,000 of cover if you are planning on being really remote.
  • Recent policy updates now clarify that recovery to the nearest town is covered up to the limits of the cover selected.  We’ve been doing this for a while, so it is great that our PDS finally reflects this!

How does it work?

If you are interested in how our Recovery Cover actually works, we’ve got an article on that which you can find below.

How to use your Recovery Cover

I hope this gives you some insight into the cover, why it is useful, and how it works should you need to use it.  I’m happy to respond to any other questions you have if you’d like to comment below.



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Comments 11

  1. Hi, thanks for the Off Road Recovery info. But what is the difference between that and Roadside Assistance?

    Cheers David Mitchell

    1. Post

      Good question David, Roadside assistance is generally only good for sealed roads, or roads accessible by a 2wd. They will usually not provide any towing benefit if you are on a 4×4 track or off-road and stuck – if they recover you they will charge specialist fees. Our off-road recovery cover is for when you are offroad and get stuck and it isn’t an insured event but you need a tow, so too many flat tyres, mechanical issues or getting bogged.

      1. Hi Aiden,
        Could you add at the end of your last sentence …
        … getting bogged is also covered.

        up to the value of your off-road cover …

    1. Post

      Hi Paul, technically from Google it is a built-up area with a name, defined boundaries, and local government, that is larger than a village and generally smaller than a city. In reality it is likely going to be the nearest place that you can find help to commence fixing the vehicle

  2. Hi, can you just purchase the recovery cover and can the amount be increased for say a particular trip?



    1. Post

      Not yet Colin. We are considering this but accurately pricing this takes time. My guess is that a product like this is about 18 months away.

    1. Post

      Hi Alan,

      Good questions! There is a dedicated number for Roadside Assistance right now. Off-road Recovery is arranged by yourself and then we reimburse the costs right now. Improvements are in the works though. WOuld you like the number?



      1. Yes please , I have comp insurance with you guys and also purchased roadside assistance. never found the number to call and hopefully never need it but would be handy to have in the phone just incase

        1. Post

          no worries Alan. The Roadside number is 1300 003 301.

          For an insurance claim, the number is 1800 258 249.


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