New Partnership – Cross Country 4X4

Club 4X4 is proud to announce our latest partnership. Continuing the theme of partnering with providers of the highest quality product, we are please to have a relationship with Cross Country 4X4.

The team manufacture the finest hand made intercooler systems, plenums and other performance products and pride themselves on quality and customer service. Having experienced first hand their Intercooler kit products on our MobileHQGU, Cross Country 4X4 were a no brainer for us to partner with.

If you need great advice and high quality Australian made products, get in touch with Cross Country 4X4.  They can now also arrange a quote for the highest quality insurance for your rig!

Visit them at their workshop in Adelaide or check out their website at

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  1. Hi I am a club4x4 member Just want two if you do me a deal on a intercooler for a GU patrol st 4.2 diesel 2000 model.
    Pat cheer???

  2. “Club 4X4 is proud to pronounce our latest partnership”.


    …..make the sound of (a word or part of a word) in the correct or a particular way.
    “Gerry pronounced the hero’s name ‘Cahoolin’”
    synonyms: say, enunciate, articulate, utter, express, voice, vocalize, get one’s tongue round, sound; rareenounce
    “his name is difficult to pronounce”

    1. Post
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