Top 10 Must-Do Activities in Cape York

Cape York, the northernmost pinnacle of the Aussie mainland, beckons adventurers with its rugged beauty and off-road challenges. Having tackled this iconic destination over ten times, here are my must-do experiences...

Pat Callinan
Mar 13 2024

Cape York, the northernmost pinnacle of the Aussie mainland, beckons adventurers with its rugged beauty and off-road challenges. Having tackled this iconic destination over ten times, here are my must-do experiences...

Indigenous Tour:

Delve into the rich indigenous culture of Cape York by embarking on an indigenous tour. These immersive experiences offer a deep dive into the traditions, history, and art of the local Aboriginal communities. With options available at Bloomfield, Maytown, and even Thursday Island, there's ample opportunity to soak up the cultural heritage of the region.

Gunshot River Crossing:

Brace yourself for the ultimate off-road thrill at Gunshot River Crossing. Known for its steep drop-offs and deep waters, this crossing is a test of skill and nerve for four-wheel enthusiasts. Exercise caution and ensure your vehicle is well-equipped for the challenge. Alternatively, opt for the bypass tracks and enjoy the spectacle of others tackling this adrenaline-pumping obstacle.

Sunset at Seisia:

Cap off your Cape York adventure with a mesmerizing sunset at Seisia, a quaint coastal town in the north. The vibrant hues painting the sky over the Torres Strait create a breathtaking panorama that's best enjoyed with camera in hand. Don't miss the opportunity to capture this magical moment for everlasting memories.

Laura Indigenous Rock Paintings:

Immerse yourself in the ancient stories depicted on the rocks at Laura. These indigenous rock paintings showcase some of Australia's most significant artworks, narrating tales of ceremonies and spiritual beliefs of the local Aboriginal people. It's a captivating journey into their cultural heritage, offering profound insights into their way of life.

Fruit Bat Falls:

Indulge in the cool, clear waters of Fruit Bat Falls, a hidden gem nestled within Jardine River National Park. Surrounded by verdant rainforest, this idyllic waterfall provides a serene retreat. Whether you're swimming, enjoying a picnic, or simply admiring the lush surroundings, don't forget to keep an eye out for the fascinating insect-eating plants dotting the shoreline.

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Cape York Peninsula National Park:

Embark on an epic 4X4 adventure through the rugged terrain of Cape York Peninsula National Park. This expansive wilderness boasts diverse landscapes, from towering mountains to pristine beaches and dense rainforests. Explore the park's network of tracks and trails, keeping your senses alert for glimpses of wildlife along the way.

The Tip of Australia:

Stand at the northernmost point of mainland Australia, affectionately known as "The Tip." This iconic landmark offers sweeping views of the vast ocean and serves as a symbolic endpoint for adventurers conquering Cape York. Don't miss the chance to snap a photo with the iconic signpost marking this historic location.

Old Telegraph Track:

Put your off-road skills to the test on the legendary Old Telegraph Track, a historic route once vital for maintaining communication lines. This rugged trail is infamous for its challenging creek crossings, including the legendary Gunshot Creek. Navigate through the rugged terrain and relish the adrenaline rush of conquering this iconic 4X4 trail.

Elim Beach:

While the east coast of Cape York is often subject to relentless onshore winds, providing a somewhat average coastal camping experience, Elim Beach stands out as a hidden gem. Located north of Cooktown, this secluded stretch of land is shielded from the brunt of the winds, offering a tranquil camping spot amidst stunning natural beauty. Venture further north along the beach, and you'll encounter towering cliffs of vibrant colored sands, a sight far more impressive than those found on the Cooloola Coast.

Fishing in Cape York:

For fishing enthusiasts, Cape York is a paradise waiting to be explored. Whether you're drawn to the freshwater streams or the saltwater estuaries, there's something here for every angler. Reel in barramundi, mangrove jack, or perhaps even test your skills against the formidable saltwater crocodile (ensuring you have the necessary permits and exercise caution). With its abundance of fishing opportunities, Cape York promises unforgettable adventures for fishing aficionados.

Pat Callinan
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