Important information about automated Policy Renewals

The annual insurance policy renewal.  Something that’s important, and that needs attention each year.  Or does it?  Today I want to call out the fact that all of our policies are set up to auto-renew (unless you’ve specifically requested that it doesn’t).

That’s right – if you get your policy renewal and you do nothing, the policy will renew.   As a 4X4 Enthusiast I think this is a real benefit, although some people may be a bit sceptical about this, so I’ll explain my reasons for thinking this way.

You won’t be left uninsured

This is a simple but a big one.  Let’s say you are off on a trip somewhere and miss the renewal notification, or you see it and forget about it. Automatic renewal means you don’t run the risk of being left uninsured.  This can be even more critical for those that have a single policy with multiple assets where the risk of being uninsured is much greater if you forget to renew the policy.

So what if you forgot to cancel and we auto renew? Well there is a 14 day cooling off period following the renewal date where you can cancel without penalty, meaning that you’re not left without cover, but you aren’t penalised for forgetting to cancel either.

I’d rather be covered if I forgot to take action than have an accident and find out the hard way!

Its one less thing to do

This is a big one.  When you receive the renewal document, if you are happy with the sum insured and the premium, and no other details require changing, you don’t need make any contact to make a payment or to send that policy into renewal.

Of course we love a chat, so if you have questions or want to talk to us we’d love to have a yarn. But if you were thinking you needed to call to pay your policy, save your time and spend it planning your next adventure!

I hope this provides you with some clarity, and perhaps gives you back some time in your day to do more exciting stuff.



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  1. I’m in too. 🙂

    I think the early reminder removes any downside, leaving time to make an alternate decision if so inclined.

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